Looking for clean eating friends with open diaries!

Thanks for reading. I took a MFP hiatus. I am really struggling with nighttime snacking. I want to eat clean, but I started eating processed sugars again and I've been out of control. I usually eat clean during the day and then go to town every night.

I'm ready to be brutally honest with my logging. Knowing that others might read it helps. Seeing other people with clean or nearly clean diaries will help too. I need to be accountable.

So looking for friends that can share their diaries and don't mind seeing my horrible snacking!


  • You're welcome to see my diary! I'm always up for a friend to keep me accountable.
  • mrsthompson662
    mrsthompson662 Posts: 16 Member
    You can watch mine a well. Try meal prep with snack bags for inbetween meals
  • RonFrances8
    RonFrances8 Posts: 44 Member
    I could have easily been the one to sign my name to your post. That was me, good all day and binging at night. The clean eating goal and MFP has been the turn around for me. You can add me... Im looking for more friends to help me too.
  • RonFrances8
    RonFrances8 Posts: 44 Member
    I agree always be prepared for the next snack or meal! : )
  • danielasaur
    danielasaur Posts: 63 Member
    You're welcome to add me and read my diary! I've just started, but I'm committed to cutting as much sugar/carbs as I can! Let's to this together!
  • Debmal77
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    What do you consider clean eating is?
  • runningemma
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    Hey add me
  • tronrulez
    tronrulez Posts: 58 Member
    I eat clean with an open diary... And if I happen to eat something un healthy. I always log it. Gotta be honest. It helps to keep u in check. Knowing others are watching and looking forward to your own personal progress... Heh.