Shower thoughts - FitnessPal Edition



  • iTim__
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    Plastic toy dinosaurs are made from dead dinosaurs.
  • RunHardBeStrong
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    pie_eyes wrote: »
    Am I the only one who doesn't think about *kitten* in the shower? Shower is my only time I ever allow to not think about anything except getting clean :o best thing ever

    Me too Pie! I love my shower time!
  • kirsty27h1
    kirsty27h1 Posts: 222 Member
    Need some 1 to scrub my back x
  • iTim__
    iTim__ Posts: 6,823 Member
    edited February 2016
    I need to scrub someone's back -- I'd be great at it.
  • jd_racer
    jd_racer Posts: 23 Member
    I wonder who's going to die tonight on walking dead
  • MoeMoe1515
    MoeMoe1515 Posts: 92 Member
    Damn these razors rocks I am soooo smooth!

  • sp_xox
    sp_xox Posts: 43 Member
    Why do people switch the kitchen tap on every time i'm in the shower and then the water pressure messes up
  • jwschutz
    jwschutz Posts: 306 Member
    How many different bottles of shampoo and conditioner are really required? Or I wish I had just enough room for a razor.
  • AbzAzeem
    AbzAzeem Posts: 533 Member
    Why do onlyget deep thoughts in the shower
  • hotnumber
    hotnumber Posts: 222 Member
    I shouldn't have watched that horror movie before getting in here... Did I hear a noise?
  • beagletracks
    beagletracks Posts: 6,017 Member
    I really need to get a removable shower head.
  • CFaulkner97
    CFaulkner97 Posts: 65 Member
    I wonder if my dog feels trapped and thats why he barks at strangers. Hoping they will free him from his prison.
  • gcibsthom
    gcibsthom Posts: 29,388 Member
    If I hold this shower head just right.....
  • Stubbornfighter
    Stubbornfighter Posts: 63 Member
    If only I could recycle the water endlessly and live in this perfect warmth
  • MasterDeath63
    MasterDeath63 Posts: 1 Member
    This question: "How did they come up with prostate exams?", is one that had peaked my curiosity, too!!! I have never thought of it before, but now I won't be forgetting it either, LOL!
  • lineley
    lineley Posts: 19 Member
    Who is zoom ? Maybe its Barry's earth 2 dad or Jay humm I don't trust that guy. #TheFlash
  • Hey_Its_That_One_Guy
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