Hips pop when exercising

Every time I do an exercise that requires me to lift my legs, my hips pop really loud and they become sore later in the day.

I read online that it could be the tendon snapping over the bone - "snapping hip syndrome". Anyone seen a doctor for this?


  • sanfromny
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    Yeah, found out my hip was out of place...had to see a physical therapist for a long time :neutral:
  • LaurenxxNicole
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    Oh, no! :( Did they say how that could've happened? I had a very traumatic child birth... my son was sunny side up (32 hrs of back labor). That's the only thing I can think that would've caused it.
  • jesscran815
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    I have that and my doctor said it was nothing. I feel it in my left hip when I go up stairs or if I ever do have to lift my legs off the floor and am laying on my back. It doesn't get sore though, so maybe it's not the same thing. May be a good idea to ask a doctor at your next appointment (I have yearly ones for blood work for a slight thyroid deficiency) or make an appointment if you don't go regularly.
  • sanfromny
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    No, they determined that my left hip was tilted backwards a bit. Couldn't determine if it was from child birth or years before. The PT would have me lay on my stomach and physically have to push it back in place. She explained that bc it was out of place so long it stretched the muscle that held it in place. She had to continually push it back until the muscle was strong enough to hold in the correct place. Took about 8 months...It still shifts sometimes, I can feel it but definitely not as bad as it used to be.
  • chelso0o
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    I had that, and they determined that it was "FAI" and a labral tear. You can do hip strengthening and stretching exercises depending on what muscles are weak. A physical therapist will be able to assess you and help determine what exercises you should be doing. They did tell me that "most women should be doing clamshells and bridges" because of how our hips are built.
  • yesimpson
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    I get that, in one hip more than the other, no pain though. Sports therapist said it was the noise of a tendon moving against a bone but wasn't harmful as there were no other symptoms besides the noise. I do get tight muscles in my hips and glutes and stretching regularly seems to lessen the volume of the noise, which can be embarrassing when you're 26 and your body sounds like it's about to give up when you're only warming up!
  • vanillaclaw
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    Hi, I have this too. First started as tenderness and jolting moment which is the snap and then became painful when I kept running on it.
    Need to stop and stretch it and rest it if it becomes painful. Dr and Physio told me it's quite common in runners and sometimes people just get the snap where the muscle pops over the bone and doesn't affect them but in others it could get painful and need rest and stretching. I'm the latter sadly.
    Definitely strengthen the glutes and do bridge and clamshell exercises.
    Hope that helps a bit.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    I have to do sumo stretches before any exercise and pop my hips. If I pre-pop them, I'm okay. Hope you find what works for you.