Old Coffee?

I often get a "Box-o-Joe" from Dunkin' Donuts for some occasion, and end up taking it home for use. I can sometimes get a couple days out of it. The other day, I noticed on the top of the box it says "Do Not Microwave - Serve Immediately." Is this just a marketing thing, or does coffee go bad? It doesn't taste bad at all. Sometimes I make it into iced coffee.


    ASH_DVM Posts: 160 Member
    It's a taste/quality thing. Microwaved coffee tastes awful after brewing. I do put brewed coffee in the fridge and drink iced, though, but hate warming it up again.
  • 99clmsntgr
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    And it may be more specific to the container, not the coffee itself. I would assume whatever they use for a liner in the box won't hold up to the microwave too well.
  • Equus5374
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    Oh I see. The taste does not bother me. I was just wondering if there was a health reason to not re-heat the coffee in a Box-o-Joe (I don't re-heat it in the box, I pour it into a cup and re-heat).
  • NaturalNancy
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    I think it's fine if you reheat it in a cup!
  • MelissaPhippsFeagins
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    Don't reheat the box. You can't recycle them either. Whatever the box is coated in to keep the coffee hot isn't microwave safe.
    You can reheat the coffee in any microwave safe mug. I add water to mine first, which helps the taste, I think.
  • Azercord
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    If you open up the box it has aluminized plastic for a bladder. The coffee you can heat up as much as you want, the bladder will make a good light show and then set the box on fire. I would recommend trying it when you are ready for a new microwave but wait until then.
  • Nuke_64
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    I'll add lots of the hyped benefits of coffee (which I hope are true but not banking on it) are reported to be lost after 2 hrs of being brewed.

    I reheat mine all the time, but generally I don't have any coffee sitting around for more than 4 hrs.
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    It is just flavored water, I reheat it all the time. It used to take me several days to drink a pot of coffee.
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    well, i imagine it has to do with the box it's in.

    My only question is, how are you storing it? In the fridge? I'd just be concerned with keeping it within the proper non-bacterial growing temperature.
  • Equus5374
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    I don't keep it for any more than 2 days and yes, refrigerated. My recycling center takes the boxes without question, but we utilize single-stream recycling and it's a big compactor.
  • kuroshii
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    No health concerns, just a taste difference that not everyone is sensitive to. You're fine! In summer, consider ice cubes for iced coffee instead. :)
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    kuroshii wrote: »
    No health concerns, just a taste difference that not everyone is sensitive to. You're fine! In summer, consider ice cubes for iced coffee instead. :)

    This! It makes for great iced coffee when it warms up!!
  • irshgrl500
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    Coffee doesn't go bad unless it is kept in a humid place. Like someone else similarly said, it develops a dull taste.
  • Larissa_NY
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    If you can stand the taste, reheat it. It won't kill you.
  • Huggups
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    Sure but in a cup not the bag. I reheat my coffee all the time as I sometimes buy it the night before. I just put it in the refrigerator and the next morning when I want it I pop the cup in the microwave. I usually order it black and add my own cream so it tastes the same to me. I would definitely do the same with a Box O Joe. I wouldn't keep it more than a few days though but you could always make ice coffee.
  • mom2colbyj
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    I always make 2 cups of coffee in the morning. One goes in my metal insulated Contigo travel mug to be drank right away and one goes in my Tervis tumbler to be reheated after lunch to drink in the afternoon. The taste has never bothered me. I've also reheated coffee left over in my coffee pot.
  • blamundson
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    I use leftover/old coffee in my protein shakes and also freeze into ice cubes for iced coffee.