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eReaders or Real Books?



  • cjferguson40
    cjferguson40 Posts: 93 Member
    mmmpork wrote: »
    Audiobooks!!! :P
    Agreed! Audiobooks are the way to can knock out a book in a few weeks just during your commute to and from work. Also, if you're into distance running, it's a good way to keep your mind off the run. Occasionally, you'll listen to a book and the person reading it will be awesome! Those are the best ones...a good reader can turn a mediocre story into a great listen...or a great story into a fantastic experience!

    On the other hand...a bad reader can turn a good story sour. Example, Stephen King likes to read his own stories...which is a terrible idea! Don't quit your day job Mr. King...just crank out the stories, leave the reading to the professionals! :smile:

    The only problem with Audiobooks is they are more expensive.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,865 Member
    If I buy a real book and read it, I'm compelled to also keep it (unless it's paperback)...meaning books just pile up all over the house and frankly, we don't have a big wife and I have pretty much gone paperless at this point.
  • Shells918
    Shells918 Posts: 1,070 Member
    For the yay ereader peeps check out hundred zeros website. It links to thousands of free books.
  • RaeLB
    RaeLB Posts: 1,216 Member
    edited February 2016
    I only read real books. I stare at a computer screen all day at work, I don't want to stare at a computer screen to read novels too. Plus I love adding to my bookshelves, I would love every wall in my apartment to be covered in bookshelves. And that book smell mmm!

    My sister reads everything on her kobo and always has access to free books, that is an advantage. Sometimes when money is tight I have to wait on new books.

    (I usually only buy used books. Recycling <3 )
  • charlottemmarks
    charlottemmarks Posts: 61 Member
    edited February 2016
    I like both. With my Kindle, I have the option of taking countless books with me wherever I go, so if I'm waiting at the dentist's office or on a road trip, I'm not bogged down by the weight of different books. Atop that, storage isn't an issue and I can read in the dark. On the other hand, there's something intoxicating about the weight and feel and smell of a real book in my hands. There's nothing quite like it.
  • serenityfrye
    serenityfrye Posts: 360 Member
    Real books all the way. I read to relax and staring at a screen is not relaxing to me. I can't keep my attention focused on a screen like I can a book. I can't make notes in the margins then send the ebook to a friend the way I can with a real book. Plus I really love reading in the bath and accidentally dropping a paper book would be a much smaller financial loss.
  • Toronto6fan
    Toronto6fan Posts: 440 Member
    I don't seem to retain stuff as well with ereaders. Real books.
  • michellemybelll
    michellemybelll Posts: 2,228 Member
    One thing no one is mentioned, is with using my ipad as an e-reader, if I don't know what a word means, I can just touch the word, and up comes the dictionary with the definition of the word. That's gold.

    As I said, I go back and forth. I recently purchased an e-book because I was waiting for a real one from Amazon. I finished a real book, and put in an order, but then, wanted to read something. So, bought the e-book. I haven't read an e-book for a little while, and thought about how much I enjoy it over real books. I'm a little crazy too, in that I've had the real book in my hands, and then got sick of holding it, and decided to buy the e-book. LOL. The ipad is lighter, and I don't have to screw around holding the pages open when I'm laying down. I hate that.

    Interesting to see all the various perspectives on this.

    Yep. you're pretty crazy. :tongue: Holding and feeling and turning the pages is what makes a real book so much better and more satisfying!
  • charlottemmarks
    charlottemmarks Posts: 61 Member
    One thing no one is mentioned, is with using my ipad as an e-reader, if I don't know what a word means, I can just touch the word, and up comes the dictionary with the definition of the word. That's gold.

    Yes! I forgot about that. It's a very handy tool.
  • bjess8411
    bjess8411 Posts: 68 Member
    I tend to like both.

    Advantages of e-readers: you always have your entire library with you. Example: I'm at the doctors office. It's taking a long time, I can use my phone, which I always have with me, to read my book while I wait. Also, everything is stored electronically, no more messy books around the house collecting dust. Seems less wasteful on the environment, although I think that is not really the case. For reference books, I prefer them on e-readers because, again, I have it with me at all times. Another big advantage, you don't have to wait. You just select what you want to read, and it is instantaneously ready for you.

    Advantages of real books: nostalgia. Tactile. The smell of books is nice. And, it is impressive to visually see how much I read with my pile of books after a few years. Also, loaning books is better. Easier to share. The ability to share on eReaders is a pile of dog crap.

    What are your thoughts?

    Typically, I go back and forth on this. Maybe it's not an either / or situation. I don't know.

    I agree. Both have their advantages. I really like that e-books don't have to be carried anywhere and you have your whole library with you.

    Sometimes you need a real book and an e-book just doesn't cut it, like e-cookbooks! It is very hard to use an online cookbook. Textbooks are often nice to have in person as well so you can mark up the book. I like to have the bible as a real book because it is easier to read that way.