Salad Dressing Replacement - Just me?

I made a nice salad a few months back, but when I went to the fridge, realized I was out of my dressing....but then I saw a bottle of peach mango salsa, decided to give it a shot. Also tossed in some corn niblets....Holy crap it was delicious! Since then, I have used salsa in chicken salad(greek yogurt, salsa, mustard), and egg salad. Adds a nice extra flavor to it.

Next trip to the store, going to buy some ingredients to make my own salsa, to cut down on the additives and sodium. Does anyone else use salsa instead of salad dressing?


  • I use Salsa in Mexican inspired salads. Usually with shredded chicken/pork, roasted onions and peppers and sometimes corn. Over romaine.

    My usual go-to dressing is bolthouse farms yogurt dressing classic ranch. 2tbs only have 45cals! And it's truly soooooo yummy!
  • Switch from salsa to pico de gallo and you'll have an even healthier option
  • arditarose
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    Pretty standard. I use that and hot sauce.
  • NaturalNancy
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    This may sound strange, but I use organic apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper and onion powder, it's sooo good to me.
  • BrandyGanus
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    I like salsa in taco salad. I don't use dressing if I put chicken salad or tuna salad on my lettuce, but I do like Zesty Italian dressing for a basic salad dressing. I really like using olive oil with lemon juice and salt and pepper but only if the lettuce is super fresh. I also like to use avocados and sour cream as a dressing. Surprisingly, sour cream has fewer calories than Ranch.
  • ashleyylo
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    I love salsa on a Mexican style salad. Also love it on eggs.
  • hellonew2015
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    I use a smashed garlic glove, one half lemon juice, olive oil and salt.
  • Francl27
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    I use red wine vinegar and Dijon mustard. But yeah, always salsa in Mexican salads!
  • KellieTru
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    I make my own salad dressing. I can't stand the commercial ones these days. I going to try the salsa one of these days that sounds really good!
    I have on occasion whisked a very small amount of water in hummus and used that as a dressing...I liked it.
  • ValerieMartini2Olives
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    I mix salsa and plain yogurt for dressing on a taco salad.
  • MelissaPhippsFeagins
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    Salsa is a definite substitute for salad dressing, if I am going use dressing at all. Mostly I don't because I like the veggies enough without it.
  • socioseguro
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    I prepare my own salad dressing. EVOO and any vinegar that suits the particular salad ( i.e. balsamic, white, rice, apple cider,red )
    Mexican food matches well with salsa. As @NinjaUnicornPirate says, Pico de Gallo is even better.
    Enjoy !
  • positivepowers
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    I do sometimes use regular salsa. And may add some low fat ranch or sour cream if it fits into my macros.
  • drajel
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    I replace the Mayo from regular dressing recipes with avocado. it is super creamy and full of healthy fats.
  • caseylizbeth
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    I use salsa all the time as dressing. My favorite dressing is some salsa, guacamole, and lime juice tossed in the food processor with a little water, and some cilantro.
  • kristen_wino
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    I was out of dressing, but had cottage cheese in the fridge. I put a few spoon fulls of my cottage cheese onto my garden salad & lightly mixed it in. It was delicious. I also now mix cottage cheese wth diced tomato & cucumber, salt/pepper. Or any dried spice, to add flavour. I now use cottage cheese in place of salad dressing. PLUS- added protein.!!
  • jabbar44
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    This may sound strange, but I use organic apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper and onion powder, it's sooo good to me.

    That sounds good. I love apple cider vinegar. I normally add that to my Italian dressing, but will try your recipe.
  • JShailen
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    Salsa, cottage cheese, balsamic vinegar with mustard and sweetener...all of these take turns making delicious salads.