Looking for motivational/accoutnability parter who also needs to lose 100 pounds



  • dazzlingowl71
    dazzlingowl71 Posts: 2 Member
    We all can do it:) I believe!
  • clareBrewster80
    clareBrewster80 Posts: 42 Member
    I have loads to lose but not set a goal just yet. Taking it a stone at a time. Always looking for support xx
  • lizadaze
    lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
    Hi there. I have lost 75 but am working towards losing 150. Feel free to send me a friend request. You can also find my motivation and support group in the community. It is called Lean on Me Fitness Goal Achievers. We set weekly goals and check in on our progress regularly.
  • naomic14
    naomic14 Posts: 3 Member
    Add me id love an accountability partner!! I've only been on mfp for a week xx
    colganteam wrote: »
    Please message me if you want to do some accountability. It seems to really help.

  • offtoseemickey
    offtoseemickey Posts: 5 Member
    Hey there! I'm 28, from London and looking for accountability partners / friends. I need to loose well over 100 lbs. I've added some of you & hopefully we can encourage each other :)
  • colganteam
    colganteam Posts: 25 Member
    I'm down 8 pounds in my first nine days. Difficult to keep going every day, but I was want to the turtle, not the hare
  • OnMyWeigh
    OnMyWeigh Posts: 252 Member
    Please add me, I've got another 100 to loose. I've lost 20 since January 1st. Here's to accountability and support!
  • aiwodouka
    aiwodouka Posts: 5 Member
    I need to lose 105! I've just started and I'd love to support and receive motivation from all of you!! So please add me, too!
  • katdanash
    katdanash Posts: 1,390 Member
    11 days no soda !!!!
  • BethMilledge
    BethMilledge Posts: 368 Member
    Feel free to add me
  • gsteffinger
    gsteffinger Posts: 1 Member
    Please add me so we can keep each other accountable and bring joy and health back into our everyday lives
  • shonabardecki
    shonabardecki Posts: 26 Member
    Is love to be part of a team. ...I'm. Looking to drop 100..but my first goal. Is 60
  • ajaysharma316
    ajaysharma316 Posts: 104 Member
    Hey, need to loose 109 pounds, lost 2 in first 3 days, still long way to go. Accountability does helps I guess. Count me in
  • colganteam
    colganteam Posts: 25 Member
    Anyone have advice for when you feel stuck ? Haven't lost much here recently ?
  • lacharlet
    lacharlet Posts: 8 Member
    I have to lose 75 pounds to be on the heavier side of my "ideal" weight. I could use all the motivation I can get. Feel free to add me