Exercise at home ?

Hi does anyone work out at home? If so.. Do you have fitness equipment? And what do you have? I only have a exercise bike and cross trainer but want to buy more so I can have a full workout at home. Tbh I'm not confident enough to go to the gym yet want to lose at lot of weight first if that makes sense confident issue! So wondering what to buy that's gonna work? :)


  • BillyEvern
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    Have bike / rower, treadmill, heavy punch bag, set of 6 kettle bells and elastic bands and find this sufficient to get a good strength aerobic and varied work out
  • moya_bleh
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    A small bench, several weight plates, two dumbbells, one EZ bar and a pull-up bar attached to my living room doorframe.
  • petersonma
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    Eliptical, Total Gym, exercise ball, and some small weight dumbbells. But I also go to the gym for heavier weights, especially for leg workouts.
  • crewbprice
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  • I have a lot of equipment but if your just starting out you don't need all this fancy stuff you can get a decent workout with your body weight but if you want equipment a suspension trainer, and a pair of dumbbell's will do a great job.
  • YinxFed
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    Seriously, like Lauren says, body weight will do if you're starting out. I have a mat, dumbells (I borrow my son's heavier weights if I really want to push myself!), an exercise ball, and a resistance band. I'm just about to invest in a fitbit to monitor myself better. Good luck with your journey!
  • Therealobi1
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    Try www.fitnessblender.com. you can work out from home
  • neldabg
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    Yep. A sustainable exercise regimen for me is one with home workouts, so that is what I do. Starting out, I used nothing but a blanket for floor exercises and my body weight and water bottles for strength. Now, I have an adjustable set of dumbbells, a yoga mat, and a full length mirror (to check my form). For my fitness goals, that is all I need right now. Also, I take FULL advantage of free YouTube videos and all free exercise videos that pop up on Google. I use my surroundings as my treadmill.
  • seahorsepenguin
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    I have a treadmill and a stairclimber/elliptical machine, a few dumbbells, kettlebell and exercise ball. In the winter I love exercising at home and avoiding all the germs at the gym but when the weather gets nicer I like to either get outside or start taking group classes again. My biggest issue with exercising at home is not a lack of equipment but not exercising as hard as I do when I am at the gym. I just get lazy I guess if no one else is around.
  • briscogun
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    I used to have a membership at the Y for like a year and a half, but now I prefer to work out at home. My wife found a treadmill on Craigslist for $75 (normally an $800+ price) that she never uses so I co-opted it, and I got a small stationary bench and adjustable dumbbells at Play It Again Sports (2nd hand store). I've added a few heavier dumbbells and a kettle bell, and I got an over-the-door pull-up bar as a gift, too. It's just so much easier for me to wake up early and get it done at home than have to get in the car and trek back and forth to the gym.

    Startbobyweight.com is a good place to start with zero equipment. I've also been using the Bodyweight: You Are Your Own Gym app Mark Lauren on my iPad lately. It was $4.99 but well worth it so far. Tons of YouTube videos out there, too.

    The whole idea is to keep progressively pushing yourself, that's where you'll see your gains.

    Good luck!
  • sbrooks0387
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    all i have is a set of resistance cords and a set of resistance bands. if i do cardio in the house it's a video on you tube. i would like to get a elliptical but with warming weather coming i can just go outside soon.
  • sourcandies
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    I have a stationary bike, a yoga mat (do some yoga after cycling to stetch everything out), some dumbells and kettlebells. I use fitnessblender so I do mostly body weight exercises. Hope this helps. You really don't need a lot as long as you push yourself.
  • jassenyates
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    Check out Peloton on YouTube. If you like riding or spin in your home, this is awesome. I have one and it's been a life changer. There is also an app you can get for the bike that you already have for the live classes. Cool concept.
  • summers09jo
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    Aww wow thanks everyone :) will be checking out all your advise really helpful thanks all :)
  • sunnybeaches105
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    bh I'm not confident enough to go to the gym yet want to lose at lot of weight first if that makes sense confident issue! So wondering what to buy that's gonna work? :)

    I went through this years ago. Just go to the gym. If you're really that nervous or you want to avoid waiting on equipment then you could build a garage gym. I finally built mine out last year and cancelled my gym membership. It's wonderful.
  • jcsgirl86
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    You don't need a lot of equipment. I recently bought two books that have helped me with working out at home. " 100 No Equipment Exercise Routines" and "Tabata Workout Handbook" I do have 3, 5, & 8 lb dumbells at home plus 5, 10, & 20 lb kettle bells that I will incorporate sometimes. Here's links to the books I got if anyone is interested.
  • csillabrimer978
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    Try www.fitnessblender.com. you can work out from home
    Second to that. Tons of videos both for strength and cardio
  • ladycclear
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    Your local public library will have exercise at home fitness books and training dvds and workout music. Some have streaming exercise video and music services through hoopla too. It's a fun way to mix up home workouts for free.
  • victoria_1024
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    I bought a cheap set of adjustable weights and I use fitness blender videos on YouTube. 82 lbs gone and I'm in great shape!
  • spzjlb
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    My husband and I (and 18 yr old son) enjoy our home gym. But, we didn't just buy stuff out of the blue. We used to go to gyms to know what we prefer and where we wanted to invest. We have a treadmill, elliptical, a bike support so hubby rides indoors, bench, a big set of dumbbells, good flooring and - most important for motivation - a mounted TV so we watch while exercising (or can do DVDs).

    But, i fully agree with others here, if you are shy about the gym, start with DVDs or internet workouts. Get a few hand weights to add resistance or bands. Jillian Michaels is a good start point but there are lots. Build up your cardio and get familiar with a few moves. Then consider a gym membership.

    We sometimes need to shake up our routines at home. Hubby usually buys a three month gym membership in summer just for a change. I might do a few yoga classes or something. Good luck!!!!!