jokoh92 Posts: 112 Member
I made it to Onederland and I just want to say that this proves that anyone can do it if you have perseverance, faith, and determination! Please don't give up if you feel like quitting, no matter how much you have to go. You can do it!

I started out at 283lbs 6 years ago in high school, yo-yo dieted throughout college and have recently gotten it together in grad school. Throughout my first year of grad school, I was heavily binge eating and depressed. So much so that I nearly gave up on everything.

I went from plateauing at 245lbs around this time last year...binge eating, crying, and almost suicidal, to working out 4x-5x/week, down 46lbs, and becoming vegan! who would have thought in a year all of that would have happened. Definitely not me!

So if I can do it, so can you!



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