Has anyone tried the Flat Tummy Tea?



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    Tried the flat tummy tea and maybe lost an unusual 2 pounds for a week but then as soon as I stop the tea the weight came back on. Probably the laxative in the tea. It's a waste of money.
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    Just a suggestion: You may want to Google some resources on "gluten" and explore the benefits of removing it from your diet, at least for a few weeks. It's a big subject, but one well worth researching (especially if bloating or other digestive concerns are an issue). For some people, this makes a "night and day" difference. The book "Wheat Belly" is also an excellent resource for those who want detailed info. Here's to your good health!

    "Wheat Belly" is just as much crackpot pseudoscience as cleanses/detoxes.

    ...Most nutrition experts agree that the best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy, balanced diet that has fewer calories and be more active. Banishing food groups is not recommended unless there is scientific evidence to back that decision up. And there is no proof that gluten is the bad guy in the obesity epidemic.

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    Have you spoken with your doctor about your stomach issues? I'm sure he or she could help you manage them or even solve them, rather than you trying to do so on your own. That's what doctors are for! :) Good luck, OP.
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    ......So, the 'cleanse' tea is a laxative. So it's basically laxative abuse in a pretty package. If you wouldn't go to the pharmacy and buy laxatives to lose weight, don't but this tea. If you would go to the pharmacy to buy laxatives to lose weight, please see a professional.

    "detox" and "cleanse" are buzz words. You have kidneys and a liver to detox your body and if they aren't working, you need a hospital, not a tea.

    A lot of these products are harmless ways of relieving you of your money. These particular teas, however can actually be dangerous. There's a reason laxative abuse is considered an eating disorder........

    I love this. I have tried so hard over the years to convince friends in the past 'if it is too good to be true, then it probably is'. Add to these 'fad diets' such as cabbage soup as well (must admit it is good when poorly ;-)). Most folk think , 'Well, I will just give it a try,' without even looking at ingredients or what happens when they get bored of eating cabbage soup every day for the rest of their lives :-O.

    On a more sensible note. There has been some good advice to konfusedfae, and I am pleased she posted for help so she could see this advice. I hope things settle down with your tummy konfusedfae; I know it can't be very pleasant at all.
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    I took one before I educated myself about nutrition.

    You might as well flush your money down the toilet. Laxative teas, which are unregulated, give you a flat stomach after having you on the loo for hours. You'll be all fabulously dehydrated and guess what? That "flatness" is something you can only get if you keep flushing your guts out with your expensive "teatox" daily.

    Would you take laxatives for an extended period of time? Nope. So stay away from this crap. (pun intended)
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    I did...pooed a lot then nothing!! Waste of money
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    Want a detox? Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables (beets are great for the liver!), lean protein, beans, nuts, real grains and seeds... Remove refined grain, added sugars, transfats, and most processed food/drink from your regular go-to food list. Drink water for thirst. You don't need that special tea.
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    I'm really hoping this tea helps not only to reduce bloating but with the detox benefits to reduce the digestive/stomach pains and issues I experience all the time.

    Just curious to see who else has tried this?

    Name. One. Toxin.
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