What part of your body are you enjoying seeing change?



  • danika2point0
    danika2point0 Posts: 197 Member
    Hips! I carry nearly all of my weight on my hips and thighs so seeing the hips reducing is awesome. Thighs...you're next!
  • MrsMizart
    MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
    Jkowals123 wrote: »
    How many pounds lost before you see results in legs??

    Not sure! 25-ish I think.
  • MrsMizart
    MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
    edited December 2015
    And now the wrists are getting in on the act :-) I'm enjoying seeing the fat pads that lay on the top slowly disappearing. My watch strap is loose again :-)
  • MrsMizart
    MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
    Resurrecting this one as the fascination with my legs goes on! :-D

    The shape of my knees and shins... It's all quite fascinating :-D
  • vannyn42
    vannyn42 Posts: 59 Member
    My arms are finally thinning out and I see more muscle definition.
    I'm also excited to see my stomach slowly flatten.
  • masdec7
    masdec7 Posts: 166 Member
    I cannot wait to see the end of the "wave back" arm. You know the back of the arm that waves when you do? That's the area that is my greatest irritation. As I lose weight, I can fit in smaller shirts around my middle, but my arms refuse to fit in some sleeves still. :neutral:
  • Shyness40
    Shyness40 Posts: 3,430 Member
    Not a body part, but my mindset and self confidence
  • Sumiblue
    Sumiblue Posts: 1,597 Member
    I always liked my arms and shoulders when I was in decent shape but I'm loving my abs! I still do love my arms, though. Amazed I can see and feel my triceps
  • zira91
    zira91 Posts: 670 Member
    waist, back and hip
  • tkphotogirl
    tkphotogirl Posts: 245 Member
    My thighs have *just* started to get the memo (35lbs down, top of normal bmi) and my calves are starting to get a teeny tiny bit of definition. My lower body has always been my nemesis, so to see *any* change at all is exciting.
  • pondee629
    pondee629 Posts: 2,469 Member
    Belly, smaller
    Shoulders, larger
  • MrsMizart
    MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
    Loving all these happy body parts and mind changes :-D
  • kissedbythesunshine
    kissedbythesunshine Posts: 416 Member
    My breasts. May sound strange coming from a woman but I am so glad they are getting smaller. So glad lol.
  • alismommy1992
    alismommy1992 Posts: 72 Member
    My face
  • PandoraGreen721
    PandoraGreen721 Posts: 450 Member
    Abs and booty.
  • TimaTeemz
    TimaTeemz Posts: 18 Member
  • MsKeelah919
    MsKeelah919 Posts: 332 Member
    JustaJoe00 wrote: »
    Feeling my muscles again...all if them..lol

    My dream!!!
  • Binajor
    Binajor Posts: 4 Member
    my legs :)
  • jcsgirl86
    jcsgirl86 Posts: 53 Member
    My arms.
  • Titanuim
    Titanuim Posts: 337 Member
    I love my leg muscles
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