Hey everyone!

Hey! I'm Chelsie and I'm 27. I live in MO and I don't have many friends out here, so I'm turning to you for support and motivation! I want to lose weight because I've always struggled with my weight since I was a kid. I'm so self conscious about myself that it has completely taken over my life. My two kids are my life and I want to be healthy, have more energy, and be happier for them. I struggle with bad depression and anxiety which doesn't help. I know I can't make this lifestyle change on my own. I hope to make some new friends :-)


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    Hi I'm new to
  • chelsie808
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    Nice to meet you!
  • tonya565
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    How do you send friend request on here do you know
  • chelsie808
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    I think you click on the persons name and click add friend or something? Lol I haven't done it before. Sorry I'm not much help :-/
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    Feel free to add me up :)
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    Hi, Chelsie! I'm a newbie, too. Tonight is my first post.
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    Hi, I'm pretty new on here only been around the week. I've been struggling with weight my whole life and I totally understand how it can really bring you down. But was enough support and encouragement not only will you see the weight start to shed but you also start to feel a lot better about yourself. Not just because the weights coming off but because you know you can accomplish what you put your mind to. Feel free to add me I'd love to have a new friend.
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    I'll add you, I need motivation also :)
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    Hey Chelsie! New as well here. You got this! Take care.
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    you can all add me, as well, if you'd like. The more motivation we can give each other the better. Right?!
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    How is everyone lifestyle change going