do women look at butts...???



  • rml_16
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    tinuz wrote: »
    oke, here's the issue. I had a discussion yesterday that women look at mens butts as often as men do at womens butts.
    To be honest, i'm a butt man. i like looking at them butts....not like a creep or something...but a good butt is a joy to see.

    Now i'm convinced that women do so too.....

    what are your thoughts.


    Especially in baseball pants. And jeans. A nice-fitting pair of jeans.
  • jessica22222
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    Can't help it. I'm a butt checker. Men and women. Hope I'm not too obvious lol!!!
  • xXxWhitneyxXx
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    Yep. I look at butts of men and women. Not for the same reasons of course lol
  • Peter_Brady
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    Yes we do..well I do anyway hahaha


    You just joined this month and you are bumping a zombie thread about butts.

    Welcome BACK to MFP.
  • Sniper_Chick
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    not the first thing I notice but ya I look
  • RunHardBeStrong
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    Yep, male and female.
  • Shyness40
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    I do
  • littleb0peep
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  • provencal73
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    All the time. I love a sexy *kitten*. More so on women.
  • Fi3ryR3dHead
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    I'm a bum girl & look at bums whether they be on a man or a woman. :p
  • PrincessTinyheart
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    I always look. Always.
  • _lyndseybrooke_
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    This woman does. Men's butts for creepy reasons and women's butts for comparison/envy reasons.
  • MsBuzzkillington
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    I never look at butts. It's never a thing I am even remotely interested in checking out. I am shocked to see how many girls are saying yes.

    Now calves... yeah, I look at those. Oh do I look at those.
  • PrincessTinyheart
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    I like shoulders too... and arms... and that little v right there at the hip bone / pelvis area, but that's not something you would normally see when someone is dressed.
  • Jelaan
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    Why yes I do, along with other body parts ;). A well toned butt can be as sexy as well toned arms. Advantage of a nice fitting pair of pants. So glad that saggy butt style of wearing pants is going out, always made guys look like they were wearing a diaper. Nothing funnier than watching a guy whose pant crotch was around his knees attempting to run lol.
  • Jonesingmucho
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    Yes, but future historians will blamed this quantum shift in women's booty viewing antics on social media since before social media all women were innocent of naughty thoughts about men's derrieres.
  • MuscleAndMascara
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    I look at women butts far more than men's....
  • 20Grit
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  • abijones75
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    If there's a nice bum around I'm going to be looking at it yes!