What does PCOS mean to you?

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I just want to know if anyone who has PCOS would mind sharing what it means to them. I am interested to see how it impacts woman individually, and how you are tackling it!

Much love, your fellow Cysta


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    I am currently ttc and had my first hospital appointment this week. I am overweight which is why I am here. I haven't been diagnosed with any sort of infertility but I am going to be having scans and blood tests. PCOS was one of the things my doctor said he thought I could have?? He made it sound totally treatable with drugs but I don't know if he was trying not to freak me out.

    What is your story?
  • Hi GladiatrixNemi,

    Thanks for your message! I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago. There is no "cure" so treatment is only meant to help with side effects, and possibly fertility. I am currently not on any medication as it doesn't always agree with me (has some not so fun side effects).

    I haven't tried to convenience yet so I dont know if I am fertile or not, or if so, how fertile. Its one of those things you have to "wait and see', but I have been told the longer I wait, the less likely I am to conceive.

    Plenty of woman with PCOS get pregnant easily, so I am hoping I am one of them!

    Once you know, then you can take the appropriate steps to managing it best. Weight loss is definitely one of those things that can help lesson the effects of it. So that is why I am here!
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    Hello, I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2010. Back then my endocrinologist just said to eat low carb and prescribed metformin which made me very very sick. Recently I came across some research that suggests eating dairy free and gluten free as these are proven to increase your insulin levels, and also contributes to continued higher levels of testosterone which exacerbates PCOS. I've only been eliminating dairy & gluten for 4 days but already am loosing weight. It's not easy but I will try anything if it means not being sick! I do have a 13 year old son, so I was able to conceive with PCOS, however no pregnancy ever since. I'm a firm believer that support from others is important to help encourage weight loss! Feel free to add me as a friend and we can help each other!
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    I just want to know if anyone who has PCOS would mind sharing what it means to them. I am interested to see how it impacts woman individually, and how you are tackling it!

    Much love, your fellow Cysta

    The biggest problem has been fertility. I had to maintain a low weight to get pregnant naturally (lower end of healthy BMI), although since I did finally manage to conceive , I am not complaining. It also means that I do have to exercise and be careful about calories to not have symptoms and that I have spent a lot of time trying to get rid of unwanted body and facial hair.
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    I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2010. To me it means I just have to work a little harder to get to my goals, and it's even THAT much more of an achievement when I reach them. I gained nearly 100 lbs after being diagnosed. Some was due to the disease, some was me using PCOS as a crutch or excuse for my unhealthy habits. I have to take Provera to "induce" my periods, and I take Metformin to help with the insulin resistance. I also take a large variety of vitamins and supplements daily. I have been TTC for 3 years, with 5 rounds of unsuccessful fertility treatments. I am here to continue losing weight in hopes that I will lose enough to get my sytem "on track" and FINALLY get that baby!
    Good luck with your PCOS journey, and feel free to add me if you'd like! :)
  • It is so nice to hear from people! Thank you all for taking the time to comment :)

    I can share in some of your issues, I have not yet tried to conceive so I have no idea how my PCOS will effect me in that way.

    Over weight yes, and the really typical PCOS weight, all around my mid section, which is dangerous! I have seen some research about cutting out carbs and sugars (minimizing) and a higher fat and protein diet. So I will see how that goes, I have been doing this for 2 weeks now and starting to see a difference!

    Strength training is also fantastic, I am learning to love it.

    Metformin also makes me sick, I havnet been brave enough to try and take it again, even at a lower dose. there is a list of serious side effects, and I got about all of them last time!

    It makes it all alot easier and less scary talking to others, so thank you all!
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    I've had PCOS for 8 years. It has had a major impact on my want of a family. I am on metformin, I am over 300 lbs, and my cycle is never regular. I've always looked at it as a shameful side effect of being obese. I read so much about it when I was first diagnosed and I saw that doctors weren't sure which caused the other. Did obesity cause the PCOS or vice versa? I also get other awful side effects that come with it. Insulin resistance, unwanted hair growth, infertility, inconsistent menstrual cycle, acne.... I still get zits at 34!!!! Wtf! Lol

    It sucks *ss!!! It means to me that I have to try harder to rid myself of this weight if I ever want to have another baby. I did conceive after years of trying. Only drug was metformin which I was on for type 2 anyway.

    I'm hoping as the weight goes, so does PCOS. I'd like two more kids and click is ticking at 34 years old....

    The crazy thing is, I don't have one cyst on my ovaries. Just all the other lovely drama.
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    PCOS is so weird. Seems like its very common but everyone has a different experience with it. I was diagnosed over 10 years ago and was immediately put on birth control and metformin to control the symptoms. This is what doctors like to do. Now- I am trying to conceive so stopped bc about two years ago. I still take metformin as well as a host of other supplements. More and more I am realizing that I am not alone in this. PCOS is so very prevalent. So many women deal with it. Its great to me that there is more information out there now then there was 10 years ago when I was diagnosed. Back then- I felt like a freak of nature. Now I see it as a challenge to see how far I can go on this health journey. I also have met so many wonderful women with a lot knowledge about diet, supplements, exercises, etc, that can help deal with this condition.
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    Honestly, I don't think about it much. It is the least worrying in my long list of medical problems. I was diagnosed more than 20 years ago.

    There is nothing scary about Metformin. You will get used to it. If you haven't tried the extended release, that is worth looking into as it tends to be much better tolerated.
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    PCOS to me means I don't have to ever have a period thanks to my meds. I freaking love it.

    Without having a period that means I don't get crippling cramps or have insane bleedouts. So I'm really a happy camper. I don't get and never have had any hair or acne issues or anything which is nice. Only issue is the weight gain which is coming under control. Oh yeah and one ovary is encased in pearls of cysts while the other has a cyst the size of a waterballoon which I can sometimes feel. I generally eat high protein/fat and low carb so I'm sure that effects things too when it comes to losing weight but it's still tough.

    Aaaand I can use PCOS as an excuse to my family on why I'm not a breeder (even though it doesn't mean that but - shh - don't tell my Ma who wants grandkids).

    So when I'm not passing out from pain or crazy bleedouts I'm a pretty happy camper. :D
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    I was diagnosed back in 1994 with pcos. Was put on birth control and provera. Then just birth control. Stopped the birth control when they started me on metformin, got pregnant on the first try 2 mos after that. Got pregnant 4 yrs later on the first try. Everyone I know with pcos has successfully gotten pregnant once their sugar was under control. I still control my sugar but find it very very hard to lose weight...especially around my middle. So frustrating when people ask "when's your baby due?" And u haven't been pregnant in almost 13 years!!!
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    Are you part of the PCOS group here? Consider joining. Great folks there.