Finally just overweight not obese

Yeah! Just one pound over the mark, but so happy to get here. I have been dieting since August and started out as over morbidly obese, and now I am just overweight. I don't stand out in the overweight American average crowd, and when I am down another 28 pounds I will be fine for my height.

I felt like the fattest person where ever I went, and now I am not.

And I am healthier and fit.


  • hrsj022
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  • ArvinSloane
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    That is amazing--congratulations!!
  • mom2natalie
    mom2natalie Posts: 51 Member
    I was happy when I reached that mark too. Congratulations
  • Cynsonya
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    Congratulations! All your hard work is paying off!! I can't wait to be able to say the same thing.
  • queenliz99
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  • scolaris
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    Great job!
  • creekster76
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    Well done that's great
  • emmaprocopiou
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    Fantastic, I'm "overweight " too , and just getting into this category feels great. Not only are we lighter our health risks have decreased .
    Here's to getting to healthy
  • ElizabethOakes2
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    WOOT! Congrats!
    I reached it a few weeks back and it was an amazing feeling. I've thought of myself as 'obese' now for so long, that it's been a huge mental shift for me. Hope it is for you, too!
  • meritage4
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    In 3 lbs I'll be happy to join you in the overweight category. I'm getting closer!
  • spzjlb
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  • tns56364
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    Great job! I recently reached this mark also. I was so excited.
  • kf1834
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    Good for you!
  • MalkinMagic71
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    Great work!
  • WinterSkies
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    Awesome work! I too got a thrill out of passing the obese/overweight line. Now, I'm 9lbs to "healthy" and I can't wait to get there :smile: Good luck in your continuing journey!
  • Karihappy
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    Congratulations! I started last August, too, and am six pounds from the overweight category instead of obese, and I am so excited to get there! 5229779.png