breastfeeding 10 week old how many calories do I need

Hi I'm breastfeeding my ten week old little boy this is my second child and I'm absolutely revolted with my baby stomach I'm 10 stone and I used to be 8 stone 8. My diet at the moment is literally lettuce veg chicken jacket potatoes fruit. All healthy only started eating like this about 2 weeks ago. My question is how many calories minimum can i eat? I have been eating 1200 but iv read that this is bad! Is that true can i not continue eating 1200 I feel pretty satisfied eating this much I'm full most of the time so is it a problem while exclusively breastfeeding? Advice would be fab


  • MelissaLimeKiwi
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    I lost 10 pounds in one month while breastfeeding my 6 month old. I ate 1800 calories per day and did the 30 day shred workout dvd. And I'm only 5'3. If you're tall you can definitely eat more. 1200 sounds like way too little. It might start affecting your supply.
  • angerelle
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    Your question made me feel sad, you don't need to feel disgusted by your body - it's just done something amazing, and is continuing to grow another human, that is just incredible. Be proud of the job it's doing! This calories in calories out stuff does work, there's plenty of time to lose weight. 1200 kCals is definitely not enough to feed you and your baby properly. Give yourself a break!
  • victoria_1024
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    Yeah you will really affect your milk supply at 1200 calories. You need an extra 500 calories a day if you want to lose safely and maintain your supply. It's ok to lose slowly. It's also ok that you weigh more than you did pre-baby. You can lose the weight, I promise! I lost 80 pounds in the past year while breastfeeding and even now that I'm at a healthy weight and nursing less often I still eat at least 1600 calories a day. 1800-2000 with exercise. And I'm still losing.
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    Thank you very much for your replys ladies I will up my calories I'd rather the baby have plenty of milk than me to loose weight two fast and ruin breastfeeding. My supply dosent seem affected luckily but I will try eat more fruit or something on top of what I already eat. Thanks again
  • meritage4
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    Just hang on a bit and eat more. It's easier to lose weight when baby is on solids and breastmilk. So you can really work on weight loss the.
    I started walking with my babe in stroller and by his first birthday I was back to my pre-pregnant weight.
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    You are just at 10 weeks, if you keep up bf'ing you will probably lose over the next 4 months without any extra effort. Eat what you need to keep your supply and energy up. Go for walks with the stroller or do floor exercises at home next to baby if you want to be more active but for the first 6 months - and definitely the first 3 - don't try to reduce calories. It'll happen naturally later when baby starts solids. And be proud of your belly, look what it gave you!