Meal replacement shakes(Advice please)

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Due to my crazy work schedule I often skip breakfast, eat a large fast food meal and dinner is usually just a snack and that's my day. I'm starting fresh on this site and I'm working towards healthier eating and cutting out fast foods but I still struggle with breakfast. I'm not a morning person and can't seem to ever wake up early enough to make myself something healthy. I was thinking a meal replacement shake in the mornings would be quick and better than not having anything. What would you recommend for a meal replacement shake? Please suggest yummy ones. I've tried some before that are just awful and are a total waste of money. I want to be able to drink it and enjoy it. Thanks for advice ahead of time ☺️


  • jenghig
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    I have tried tons of them and my personal favorite is Vegan Smart Vanilla to which you can add berries or other fruits.
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    Thanks! I'll look it up.
  • born2be_me
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    It is about something quick in the morning. I'm not a fan of meal replacement shakes but I feel it's better than nothing. I just want to find one that actually tastes good.
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    Overnight oats
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    Thanks I'll look into the oats
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    I would have picked Greek yogurt mixed with nut butter and some honey or maple syrup.
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    Also remember it is not required you eat breakfast- If you're not yet hungry, no need to force feed.

    That said, one of the easiest things I've found is to pre-make breakfast sandwhiches (english muffin, egg, protein of choice, cheese, etc) and freeze them. All you'll have to do in the morning is microwave.

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    I like the Vega shakes, they're vegan though so a bit thinner then whey shakes. I like the chocolate one with almond or coconut milk.
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    I make my own shakes with chocolate protein almond milk, bananas, and a little bit of almond butter. Filling, low cal if you use the right products, high protein!
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    I would have picked Greek yogurt mixed with nut butter and some honey or maple syrup.

    So not a morning person myself..........

    Along the same lines.... I like to make a Greek yogurt "parfait" with yogurt, Kashi GoLean, and chopped nuts.

    I measure out the dry ingredients at night (just like packing my lunch) and place them in a zip-lock baggie. At work I just stir together. Crunchy, creamy, protein, fiber & fat.