What's one thing you love about your body!

Abriellefulton Posts: 41 Member
Too often I get caught up in the numbers and what I would like to change about myself, and I think it's nice to reflect on yourself in a positive way! So what's on thing about yourself you love and wouldn't want to change?!

I guess mine would be my triceps!


  • ironhajee
    ironhajee Posts: 384 Member
    My ear lobes. They are soft and I flick them when I'm bored.
  • evamazier
    evamazier Posts: 2 Member
    My thighs, my hands, nose and feet. Couldn't decide just on one. :)
  • bunnyghost
    bunnyghost Posts: 142 Member
    i have a scar in the shape of a heart on my finger and i love it, and my sharp vampire fangs :D
  • singingflutelady
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  • no_russian
    no_russian Posts: 893 Member
    The one lonely hair on my left shoulder that grows really long
  • xLexi28
    xLexi28 Posts: 17 Member
    my eyes and my thighs
  • Michaelg235
    Michaelg235 Posts: 1,093 Member
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    My eyes ,hair definitely I love everything about my body .. feet kinda look like Sideshow Bob those I would fix
  • GoJohnGo71
    GoJohnGo71 Posts: 439 Member
    My teeth. All natural. Lol
  • ybee1991
    ybee1991 Posts: 106 Member
    my nose.
  • Michaelg235
    Michaelg235 Posts: 1,093 Member
    GoJohnGo71 wrote: »
    My teeth. All natural. Lol

    So lucky
  • Iguessicandothis
    Iguessicandothis Posts: 2,132 Member
    I love how flexible it is, and that I can easily climb, jump, run and reach things.
  • ladymuaythai
    ladymuaythai Posts: 1,298 Member
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    I guesssssssss my booty. 1 thing :wink:
  • DaphneSW
    DaphneSW Posts: 117 Member
    Small waist + booty from my mumma <3
  • Jennloella
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  • JP_909
    JP_909 Posts: 816 Member
    My shoulders
  • Mapalicious
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    no_russian wrote: »
    The one lonely hair on my left shoulder that grows really long


    My face. I have been told I look like the girl from Flashdance and the L Word, Jennifer Beals, approximately 1,563 times. After losing 125 lbs, I was glad to see there was a high-cheekboned beautiful face under there...even if I got left with some tiger stripes!!!
  • Angela937
    Angela937 Posts: 514 Member
    Most people say my eyes and my smile are my best feature.

    Me personally; I am proud of my double D's size breasts!
  • Skhatri15
    Skhatri15 Posts: 127 Member
    Im glad im somewhat fit now. Always was either chubby or skinny fat lol...glad i changed that.
  • nut4crew
    nut4crew Posts: 40 Member
    My strength.
  • Chasing_My_Bliss
    Chasing_My_Bliss Posts: 18 Member
    My broad shoulders... they keep my booty from looking too wide!