Any vegans?

Hi everyone, my name is Sidnee and I'm an eighteen-year-old vegan.


  • amarie2222
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    24 year old vegan here, always happy to make more vegan friends!
  • happydaze71
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    Yup I'm a vegan
    I'd love some like minded friends
  • fontes830
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    Yes me too!
  • RzRzRzR
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    Me too. Northern NJ here.
  • elinor32
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    I've been vegetarian for six years, trying to adopt a more vegan lifestyle although not strictly vegan (yet).
  • FitnessPrincess9
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    Yay! I am so happy that I'm not the only one. What were your reasons for going vegan? Also do you worry about protein?
  • TinaKeniston
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    I'm vegan going on eight years. Never worry about protein. As long as you're eating healthy, you'll get what you need!
  • janejellyroll
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    I'm vegan going on eight years. Never worry about protein. As long as you're eating healthy, you'll get what you need!

    This seems like a circular argument. Since "eating healthy" includes getting sufficient protein, you're saying that anyone who is eating sufficient protein will be getting what they need. Well, yes, of course.

    But this doesn't mean that some people, especially newer vegans, won't need to do a bit of research and/or planning to ensure they are meeting their needs for protein.

    Some vegans *do* need to worry about protein. It's possible to not get enough to meet your goals for health or fitness. It's easy to fix, but it's a real thing.
  • marissam08
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    I'm learning about veganism. I'm very interested about it, but it's been hard cutting chicken since I'm a mother of 3 and I have to cook for my lovely children. But it seems hard to cut cheese, eggs and chicken for the kids. The cow milk it's already gone, any suggestions?
  • allaboutthefood
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    Plant pure all the way and loving every minute of it. Anyone feel free to add me, my dairy is open. But please leave a message. I am a mother of three and the whole family made the switch. If I don't want to put it in my body, I am not going to put it in my kids bodies :) even hubby is on board. No turning back, We've been whole natural plant pure for 6 weeks now and still going strong.
  • leylapicou
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    Doing a vegan diet here (:
  • aadtamhankar
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    Woooooo!!!! Hurray for longevity and sustainability
  • aadtamhankar
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    Hit up my profile if you want to see what I eat as an active 5'8" mostly vegan teenage girl + delicious vegan/vegetarian Indian food!!
  • MALY007
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    Aloha! I'm currently a vegetarian working towards becoming fully vegan! Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)