Bored after the first few minutes on treadmill. What to do?



  • Azdak
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    I do different combinations and challenges. You can do all kinds of interval combinations. I'm a data guy, so I always have a list of performance benchmarks to keep me motivated. The toughest workouts are the base endurance ones and that's where the ipad comes in handy--at least for an incline walk workout (for running, need a TV).
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    Oops. I misread. I thought elliptical. Do Not shut your eyewear. You'll fall off!
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    Melolson14 wrote: »
    I have tried treadmill and I seem to be bored after the first 5 minutes. What can I do
    Go outside and run/walk there
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    The ONLY thing that made the treadmill bearable for me when I was using it was I was using it at the gym and it faced the TV. I would watch something on TV with the closed caption AND have my music playing through headphones. Lol. I had to have the stimulation from both to stick with it at all. As soon as I built up my endurance though, I started doing something else.
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    Find an activity you enjoy to do...go outside, do circuit training, play a sport you enjoy, join a dance class, martial arts...
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    Run outside.

    This. I have never run on a dreadmill, I would find it boring too and would struggle to go any distance. Outside you have things to look at, and even if it gets tough and you want to stop, you have no choice but to carry on to get back home, whereas a dreadmill would be too easy to get off.
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    I'm using the time to learn French on my Ipod - I also stare out the window at my car to make sure no one is stealing it from the Gym Carpark! :)
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    I downloaded app to iphone called Zombies, Run - its brilliant - it keeps me going as i find it interesting lol. never gets boring lol
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    Melolson14 wrote: »
    I have tried treadmill and I seem to be bored after the first 5 minutes. What can I do

    Ditto. This has happened to me before on multiple occasions. Try listening to your favorite music, or reading a book. I usually day dream.
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    The point isnt so much to run, its to run faster than last time.
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    Try intervals or a c25k program. I find that if I don't allow myself to do any one speed or incline for more than 2 minutes, it distracts me enough... Or I'm counting down seconds until I am allowed to walk again. Either way, I don't get bored.
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    I started running 5 years ago and music didn't do it for me. Audible books saved me. I can go for miles with a good thriller going in my ears.
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    Lennonluv2 wrote: »
    Its all about the music!

    Agreed, it's a chore w/o music.
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    I prefer the bike when I'm in the gym, personally, with LOUD STOMPY MUSIC on my headphones. I do know several people who enjoy audiobooks while on the treadmill.
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    Incline will get your blood pumping
  • erickavalos96
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    I wouldnt distract yourself by watching anything, I find running on any machines extremely boring as well, what helped me was running outside and doing high intensity interval training which is challenging so you dont have time to get bored
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    Oh I wish I could walk (I don't run anywhere) again in the treadmill. I loved it and I loved to change speed and inclines and get a good cardio workout while just getting lost in my own thoughts. No music, apps or TV needed. But my knees are bad and the treadmill and my OA don't get along. I am now in love with the ARC Trainer but I still miss the treadmill. Interesting how different some of us are with respect to exercise and equipment.

    OP have you tried the ARC? Is a really good workout, gently on the hips and knees and with lots of programs options to choose from.
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    You could try dancing to music on your treadmill.

    @someone! post that video of the guy dancing on the treadmill that's awesome...
  • JoRocka
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    go out side.
    or run harder.

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    I like to play games with the numbers on the display. I like nice, round, even numbers, so I'm always like, "I'll just keep going until I reach 1.50 miles," or "I'll just go until I hit 300 calories burned." And by the time I hit one number, another number is close to reaching a milestone, so then I'll keep going until I hit that, etc. etc. etc. That plus really good, kick-*kitten* music is what keeps me going on the treadmill.