Vacation tracking?

I'll be on my honeymoon next month at an all inclusive resort. Wondering if I should even bother to track as I'm sure I'll be over everyday, and I won't know the nutrition for the things I'm eating. On the flip side, I don't want to lose my streak:) and I don't want to erase all my work so far.

What are your opinions and tips on vacation tracking?


  • cityruss
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    I personally wouldn't bother.

    Enjoy your honeymoon whilst remaining mindful of what you are consuming. Don't see it as a free-for-all but take it as an opportunity to at least eat around maintenance and enjoy yourself.

    If you gain a few pounds, so what, they'll come off again, and you'll have had an enjoyable honeymoon with no stressing about food.
  • bigorange70
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    I try to log and just guess on something similar on the MFP to try to track the best I can while on vacation. I know it is probably off but makes me feel better that I tried.
  • vivmom2014
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    I wouldn't bother. I'd stay active though - and a resort will have all kinds of activities.

    Congratulations on your wedding (and weight loss)!
  • chandanista
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    I don't sweat about getting it right, I track a guessed version of what is in the system. I relax but also don't go totally off the deep end.
  • MonkeyMel21
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    If you want to continue your streak, all you have to do is log on to the site/app once per day. You don't have to log any food/activity. But I do not log during vacations, especially since a lot of them are out of the country, so I always lose my streak when on vacation. My streak doesn't usually get past 300 days, till I go on my next vacation, lol. Kind of a count down, or count up? But yeah, don't bother counting calories, just enjoy your honeymoon, and congrats!!!
  • Shells918
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    I love all inclusive resorts! My husband and I go at least 2x a year.

    If they have wifi you can try to log in everyday if it's that important to you not to lose your streak. I lost mine while in Jamaica last month.

    It's hard to calculate but the nice thing is that there are usually tons of choices for you. I stuck with healthier foods but kind of OD'd on pastries because I don't eat them at home. I gained 2.5 pounds in a week but it was worth it. They also usually have gyms and group exercises and Aqua aerobics.

    But you will be on your honeymoon so relax and enjoy and be happy.
  • Emily3907
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    I am in the boat of don't sweat it and just enjoy your honeymoon. If you are really concerned about undoing your success so far, then I suggest loosely tracking. Meaning, just find some generic entries for what you are eating. You won't get an accurate count, but you will at least have a gauge for the day.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    i log but its all very loose and i dont put much stock in it, and if i dont log its no biggie
  • lml852014
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    Girl enjoy your honeymoon, its only once in a lifetime! I went to the domincan republic for mine and it was all inclusive, I ate and drank whatever I wanted but we walked a lot, swam, and even played beach volleyball (holy hell was that a good work out!) Just dont go super crazy and you should be fine! Have fun and congrats!!
  • jyvonne27
    jyvonne27 Posts: 91 Member
    Thanks everyone, I think I will put my focus more on trying to be a little active each day and just work harder when I get home :) I probably can make some healthier choices in food, but I think it's the free drinks that are going to do me in.
  • sanfromny
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    You only honeymoon once...MFP will be here when you get back! Yes your streak will be over but you get to start a new a married woman! Congrats and enjoy! :relaxed:
  • SingRunTing
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    I don't track on vacations, but I try to be reasonable and be active.

    We plan our vacations around food. But with that being said, I try to eat a "normal" meal for two meals of the day and will indulge for the third. I know that I can't go hog wild at every eating opportunity or I will feel sick (and gain weight, but lately its really been the stomach aches that hold me back).

    We also walk everywhere and try to plan to do something active every day.
  • burns429
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    Generally, on vacations I track.

    3 years ago, I was on a cruise and didn't track b/c (a) no internet access to keep it up and (b) buffet style lunches. I did, however, go to the ship gym 3 times over 5 days; took the stairs instead of elevator the majority of the time; and walked so so much.

  • cross2bear
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    Sweetie, you are not on your honeymoon to eat!!! Dont let meals be the focus of this wonderful time alone with your dearly beloved. Take advantage of some of those all inclusive type activities and be active outside your suite!!
  • vivmom2014
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    jyvonne27 wrote: »
    Thanks everyone, I think I will put my focus more on trying to be a little active each day and just work harder when I get home :) I probably can make some healthier choices in food, but I think it's the free drinks that are going to do me in.

    It's good to be aware. I looked up the pina coladas we drank in Mexico several years ago and they clocked in at over 1100 calories. Per drink. :#

  • cross2bear
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    Yikes to the Pina colada calorie load!
  • jyvonne27
    jyvonne27 Posts: 91 Member
    Omg 1100 a drink? I have been on 1200 a day!
  • vivmom2014
    vivmom2014 Posts: 1,647 Member
    jyvonne27 wrote: »
    Omg 1100 a drink? I have been on 1200 a day!

    They were huge, frothy, thick with coconut milk, sweet as could be and...oh yes...delicious! But yeah - very high calorie. Hey, you only honeymoon once!

  • toe1226
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    I am leaving for vacation tomorrow (but it's not my honeymoon, that sounds more special!) - but I am going to track, it depends on your goals! I say do what feels the most romantic
  • sliminby60
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    i am going on cruise leaving tommorrow can't track so will do weight watchers points have done point system many many times so know it. also plan to eat lots of fruit and veggies use the cruise sorta like a cleanse thing since lots free fruit. plan to walk a lot. this is my 30 year anniversary so no big deal this is your honeymoon enjoy it just don't pig out. Wow glad drinks are not free on cruise. start the day after honeymoon as the first day of the rest of your life.