Going sugar free

I've just completed 4.5 weeks sugar free and would love some friends on the same journey total loss 17lbs so far but no loss for a week! Feel free to add me!


  • Beehappybaby
    Beehappybaby Posts: 43 Member
    Im going back low carbing after months of being naughty! So would be happy to support you on your journey! After 4 weeks you must be feeling good, I know the first few weeks can be hard...but im sure your glowing now!
  • manzeln1
    manzeln1 Posts: 1 Member
    I am on the same journey ,I just started Insulin today thought I could do it with diet alone . I did loose almost 60 pounds cutting out sugar still didn't change my numbers . I do have to agree sugar free is the way to go with weight loss the pounds do drop off, its amazing how terrible you can feel when eating too much sugar ....it has to be the only way for me Sugar Free
  • margalot42
    margalot42 Posts: 9 Member
    Thanks! Hoping to make it a lifestyle change this time, I cant believe I haven't eaten bread or potatoes for weeks now! And loving all the healthy fats! Learning lots of new ways to eat like cauliflower rice and courgetti :)
  • carirae520
    carirae520 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm interested in going sugar free and have prepared meals for the entire week - no sugar! Congrats on going 4.5 weeks! Very impressive!