I have 100+ pounds to lose and can't do it alone



  • janellsosajs
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    Feel free to Add me too. I have the same amount of weight to lose. GOOD LUCK!!!
  • lalaleelou
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    You can add me too. I actually have 200 to lose. Happy to have anyone along for the journey.
  • damaddox7
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    I'm a newbee I'm right with you. Add me and we can encourage each other.
  • stolen_spoon
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    Feel free to add me too! Back at it after a bit of an absence,but ready to rock!
  • Lshona
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    Always looking for supportive friends. Feel free to add me
  • BigChangeNeeded
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    Hi Brittany

    I'm 19lbs into a 190lbs target weight loss (a lot, I know), but I've found MFP really useful for keeping me on track. I belong to a super supportive group called '100+ pounds with no surgery', where everyone is on the same journey as you.
    I'd be happy for you to add me if you want some support :smile:

  • aec90210
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    Feel free to add me!
    Motivators wanted!
  • Beehappybaby
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    Feel free to add me, always looking for motivating people :smiley:
  • hartranftregane93
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    Please add me! I'm looking for friends as well and I also need to lose 100lbs. I just started today and am really looking forward to this journey. Having friends to do this with I feel will help me a lot!
  • kaytien90
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    Feel free to add me!
    I'm also trying to lose 100 lbs
  • wedgeinthedoor
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    wanting motivational peps. Add me if you like :)
  • Ammi13
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    Fell free to add me as well. And anyone else in this post as well. I have 80 lbs that I am trying to get rid of and love seeing motivation and tips go across my page.
  • c_leeee
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    Hi there! I started in July 2014 to lose 120lbs, I'm about 3.5lbs away from the -100lb mark! Feel free to add me! My starting weight was 281lbs.
  • UnkyTimFU
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    http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/112657-ditch-200-by-2017 This is a group of people that are trying to lose some or a lot by the new year (2017)
  • mousie1973
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    feel free to add me... I have a little under 80 to go (76.5) but have lost over 50 (55.5) :)
  • JmeJinxx
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    I'd love to add anyone serious about this journey. I lost 70lbs using MFP about 3 years ago and fell off the wagon after a lot of life changes. Now I've gained it all back (I know the blame is all my own self) and am determined to get back into it. I started back about a week ago at 259lbs and am looking to lose at least 100 pounds.
  • rennabean76
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    I have A LOT of weight to lose but am determined to take control this time and DO IT! I've just started MFP today and know that I'll need ongoing motivation from online friends....feel free to add me too
  • 1ladybug88
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    Add me!!!! I'm here to lose 50lbs!!
  • pscha684
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    Same here! 75 right here!
  • dragonfire12601
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    You are not alone. A lot of us are trying to lose weight. Anyone can add me for motivation and support.