lost 94 lbs

ItsRJTV Posts: 38 Member
I haven't had much to be happy about in the past few years but a prayer of mine is being answered. Today is 690 on my streak and 98.4 pounds are gone.

sorry about the photo but on photo was taken sideway and the other long ways


  • snowflake930
    snowflake930 Posts: 2,188 Member
    A fantastic accomplishment! Way to go!
  • AamirKhan2016
    AamirKhan2016 Posts: 91 Member
    wow what about loose skin?
  • Vanessalookingood
    Vanessalookingood Posts: 135 Member
    Congratulations to you! Looking good!
  • ItsRJTV
    ItsRJTV Posts: 38 Member
    Today I'm celebrating 690 day streak. I was 370 now I'm 272. Still have a ways to go and I dropped most of my weight quickly at the beginning. I hardly excersize but the increase in energy has lead to a more active life. I guess if I want to get to my goals this is the time to start excersizing.
    Shirt size was 5XLB now 3XL
    Pants size was 56 now 40
    Now off blood pressure medicine
    I love running into people who haven't seen me in years. The look on their face is a great confidence booster.
    My biggest advice to beginners would be log everything. A couple years ago I had a 4000 calorie day. I logged it and even though I went way over my 2000 calorie count I didn't feel like I cheated or ruined my diet.
    Some days I go over and others under. I'm usually around 1900-2000 calories on my weekly average.
  • ItsRJTV
    ItsRJTV Posts: 38 Member
    Wow didn't expect replies so quickly. Thank you all.

    Aamir I have stretch marks but not loose skin besides maybe my gut area. I'm not too concerned about it for me. While it would be great to walk around with my shirt off again I'm just enjoying the weight loss.
  • MrsMizart
    MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
    Very well done lad :-) You're looking good!
  • Dekayla13
    Dekayla13 Posts: 64 Member
    Wow! You look great!!!! Congrats on your hard work paying off!!!
  • ItsRJTV
    ItsRJTV Posts: 38 Member
    Thanks. I really really do appreciate it
  • nrhb193
    nrhb193 Posts: 8 Member
    Congratulations! I hope this year brings you much happiness!
  • safisana
    safisana Posts: 12 Member
    Good work - you're looking great. :)
  • Coupongrl79
    Coupongrl79 Posts: 193 Member
    You look so good! You've done an amazing job! Congratulations on your success!
  • bnovak226
    bnovak226 Posts: 135 Member
    Great job
  • filimomi
    filimomi Posts: 1 Member
    Fantastic, you look great!
  • branbuds
    branbuds Posts: 624 Member
    690 days logging is a success story in itself! Congrats on the weight loss!
  • rollsout
    rollsout Posts: 5 Member
    Such an inspiration. Thx for sharing :-)
  • Tisa76
    Tisa76 Posts: 86 Member
    You've done a fantastic job! You should be very proud of yourself! :)
  • Jose2716
    Jose2716 Posts: 225 Member
    Awesome job, you give people like me hope that I too can do it. Keep up the great work
  • madube84
    madube84 Posts: 135 Member
    great job!! you look fantastic!
  • LuckyMe2017
    LuckyMe2017 Posts: 454 Member
    Be proud! You've done great!
  • Penthesilea514
    Penthesilea514 Posts: 1,189 Member
    Great job- you look amazing! Very inspiring :)
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