Restarting this journey in Menopause

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Hi -I lost 77 pounds a few years ago through diet and exercise. And I've gained most of it back. I am starting over again - but this time I am in full menopause mode - with all the nasty effects! Every single day is a struggle. I'm wondering if there anyone else out there in the same situation? If so, add me as a friend so we can support one another.


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    Hi @fmup, my one and only foray into weight loss was done during menopause, and was successful. Six years later and I am still maintaining my goal weight.

    I went from 130 to a maintenance range of 100-105 over a year. The loss was slow as I am only 5'1 and wanted to be healthy as I lost. That meant eating 1200 cals a day right through my loss plus 125-175 of my exercise calories.

    Things I learnt along the way:

    The metabolism doesn't all of a sudden slow down. It slows at 50-100 cals a decade starting in our 20's. being small mine slowed closer to the 50 cals, 5-6 calories a year.

    Our lifestyle does slow down. We are generally not as active as we were in our 20's. Replacing some of that impromptu activity with exercise, cardio and resistance work helps keep our BMR higher.

    Keeping active also helps with heart and lung function as well as muscle and bone density retention.

    I personally found cardio really helped with hot flashes and sleep. I chose to do aqua fit as being in the water kept me cooler. I did bodyweight exercises for my muscles and bones.

    Hormones are playing havoc, remember that as you reach for another cookie etc. Similar to TOM they can instigate cravings.

    It may be good to have a thorough check up, especially if you have visceral fat in the abdomen. This fat is more predominant as we lose our oestrogen and increase our testosterone. The hormonal changes that happen can increases chances of type 2 D, thyroid problems etc.

    The same CICO rules apply to weight loss no matter what your age is.

    Cheers, h.
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    I am in the same boat. I had a hysterectomy January 2015 and in that time I have gained 20 pounds. I started working out with T25 and also have tried P90X3 this past October and I can't seem to get this weight gone! It's very discouraging! I'm watching what I eat as far as carbs, fat, etc. but no results. I'm not giving up though!
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    I am right there with you all! I've got 50 more lbs. to go...regrouping and getting healthy! Let's motivate each other!
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    tomblinla wrote: »
    I'm watching what I eat as far as carbs, fat, etc. but no results. I'm not giving up though!

    @tomblinla Are you actually counting calories, though (and weighing/measuring), or are you just "eating healthier"? Not trying to be funny or anything, it's just that I've seen similar comments from some other people lately! Just lowering carbs or "cleaning up your diet" (whatever that means to the individual) isn't enough to have an effect if one is still consuming too much overall. :smile:
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    I am watching things very closely. Some days are better than others, but I'm losing and I'm moving my body!
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    I'm SO with you! I lost 35 pounds 8 years ago, and have gained about 25 back...and have been peri-menopausal for two years. It's much harder to lose weight. I don't take any hormones, so just riding it all out.
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    I'm in perimenopause, and have been for about 4 years now. They say I'll probably have at least another 2 years to go. <<sigh>> I've had just about every symptom on the lists, the worst of which is bleeding most of the time. Really puts a dent in the exercise plans and energy levels.

    And I cannot take hormones.

    But ... I've found losing weight over the past year to be much easier than I thought it would be. Really surprised me! I actually came here to prove I couldn't lose weight, so I stuck to the diet like glue ... and next thing I knew I was down about 25 kg. :grin:
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    im just starting out dieting/getting fitter- having hot flashes n no sleep is very waring so i need motivation!! need to lose and maintain loss of a stone as tummy fat is so hard to shift!! any tips on kick starting the process as i kno if i see early results i can stick with it!!
  • I'm in that same boat. I quit smoking last year and gained 20lbs. I'm peri-menopausal though and I cannot wait for this to be over! In my family, it lasts about 3-4 years. I started last fall. Weight gain, hot flashes, lengthy menstruation, sleep is a hit and miss. My weight loss looks like a yo-yo. Lose 5, gain 5...

    I'm starting back my regular running schedule this evening. I've just about had it with weight gain!

    Healthy breakfast this morning and hydrating!
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    I am right there with you also! I lost 90lbs about 3 years ago and kept it off for a year and a half, met my husband, and needless to say the watching what I eat went out the window!! Then I had a hysterectomy, and now am in full blown menopause. So I know what your struggle is. I just restarted today knowing that I have to do this again for me and my health no matter what. I am sending you a friend request. Lets do this.
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    I lost 90 pounds 4 years ago and in the last two years, I've gained almost 50 back with early menopause, I'm 46...
    I'd love to have a support group as well

    I'm new here!!

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    Count me in.. I had lost over 100 pounds but i have gained 25 back and it all seems to be around my waist and hips..Things are getting better but it still sucks
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    Read my profil--and you'll see I've been there, done that. Add me if you like!
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    Gosh, I am reading some of the messages in here. I have done a good amount of time here and was doing fairly well until I thought I was losing my mind. After just happening to mention to a female co-worker about periods having no cycle and other things she told me some things happening to her and they were very similar and asked my age and when I told her she told me I was going through preimenopause. This has been going on for months and I never knew. She told me to try a natural pill she uses and after starting it four weeks ago, last week, I woke up feeling like my old self. Now I know what I am dealing with and what upset the apple cart, I can now power on and lose the extra 10kg I gained going through this emotional roller coaster feeling more confident that I can do it.
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    I am right at home in this forum! 44, in menopause, using the 1200 calorie diet. Lost 2.5 pounds over 3 weeks of being careful of what I eat and walking 2 miles or more every day some days 2x a day. It's much harder this go round! :-(