Help, I keep slipping up at night! Any suggestions?



  • mjf0461
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    Okay laugh if you want to but it keeps me in check. Anywhere I have a weakness to snack or ruin myself, I place a picture of myself at my heaviest. I have one on the fridge, on the stove, I have it on my phone background. I have the reminder of what I am working to get away from and it keeps me from blowing it... ,lol
  • megsta21
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    I'm exactly the same, why eat breakfast at 7am if you're not hungry at 7am??

    Though this could be because I work crazy hours in hospitality, my work and eating times get a bit unconventional! I get comments and looks for not eating the most important meal of the day...... but I AM - just when I'm ready for it :-)

    I must admit sometimes I have the problem of picking at things unnecessarily....... listening to my salivating mouth not my content stomach. Great advice with gum and brushing your teeth... I'm going to give it a go! :-)

    Research indicates that if you eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking up it gives your metabolism a kick start. If you wait too long then your metabolism stays a bit sluggish all day.... xxx :heart:
  • angelicdisgrace
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    Try to exercise before you cook. That always helps me from picking at food. Good luck.