Earbuds for working out

Does anyone have a recommendation for wired earbuds that actually stay in and sound good while running? I've got several sets of earbuds, and they either have good sound quality but fall out, or sound horrible but stay in place comfortably. Thank you!


  • harrybananas
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    Any reason for not considering wireless? I'm no audiophile and can't say what sounds good because any headphones with a clean thumping bass line is all I need.

    In general, ear buds with wings are probably your best bet to keep buds in place.
  • revolucia78
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    I use yurbuds, they work great for me. I've been using them for years, they last long, have good sound and stay in, not to mention they are also more affordable than other options.
  • tiffanyfoundit
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    i could never make ear buds work. my brother got me some of those really nice big headphones for Christmas and they are awesome and I am never getting earbuds again. I never have to worry about what them slipping off.
  • Mattcity43
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    I just bought the X2 Jaybirds. I love them. It does take a bit to get used to them. But when you do they work great.
  • AlisonH729
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    I have a pair of Yurbuds too. I like them & they never fall out, but sometimes they irritate my ears even though I use the smaller set of covers. I also have a pair of cheap Panasonics that sound great. These have also never fallen out. And they came with 3 sizes of bud covers.

    I would like a pair of wireless headphones though so I could listen to music while I lift. I have no patience to deal with the wire and/or even figuring out where to put my phone. Plus, since our gym is small and I would most likely be in range the whole time so I could leave my phone in my locker. Just something to consider.
  • Ashley3364
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    Appreciate the suggestions! I use an iPod classic rather than a phone for music, so I'm not sure wireless is an option at this point... but definitely something to consider.
  • jkfreedman
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    For wired earbuds I picked a pair of Phillips up through Amazon that I like a lot - I have several I can't stand. I used to have a pair of Sony ones I purchased at Target that I really like but they disappeared (I suspect my kids). It really comes down to the silicon pieces in my book.

    If you consider wireless, I received a pair of Beats that I love. I run outside in a variety of weather conditions and it's nice not to have to think of how to thread the wire. And, they are comfortable and well worth it IMO. Good luck!
  • Talan79
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    I have PomGear wireless. I run and they do stay in.
    Search GroupOn. I got two different ones from them.
  • briscogun
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    I use a pair of wired Skullcandy noise cancelling earbuds that never fall out and sound really good. Got them pretty cheap at the Wal-Mart. But...

    I'm eyeing a pair of Plantronics wireless ones right now. More expensive, but they look really, really nice. When I get a few extra scheckels to drop down on a pair, I'll make them mine...
  • Meganthedogmom
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    To my surprise, the Yurbuds I have actually stay in my ears. I have always had issues with earbuds staying in, but these actually work! However, I wouldn't say they have the *best* sound quality, but not bad either.

    Other than those, the Apple brand earbuds are the only others that work for me (not the old ones, but the ergonomic ones).
  • scorpio516
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    I have gotten them to fall out a couple times, but only if they get caught on branches :s
  • pomegranatecloud
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  • Jpinpoint
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    I have a pair of Skullcandy wireless. I love them. I can't say how many times I've had my wired Skullcandy buds in my ears and the wire has caught on something and rips out of my ear. Wireless is freeing. I got them at Best Buy for $60.
  • dpwellman
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    I use JBuds J4 in-ear with "memory" foam tips. Utilizing a support clip is crucial. They stay in quite well and they don't tangle easily. Well worth the money.

    My original go to were Sennheiser CX380 (fantastic performance, very accurate), but they've been long since discontinued and the price is more than triple what I used to pay.

    Also have a Sony MW600 lying around. Can use any 3.5mm headphones or speakers with it.