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Does anyone know how to calculate chicken fajitas from a mexican restaurant? I had 4 corn tortillas, lunch portion of chicken and veggies. I'm guessing that the chicken portion was less than 3 was mostly veggies and I got extra salad.


  • revolucia78
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    Guesstimate if there's no nutrition info. Log ingredients separately and break down the meal, guess portion sizes for each ingredient and guess on the higher side to be sure.

    ETA: Don't forget to include any sauces/marinades/dressings that were part of the meal.
  • positivepowers
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    Open up the recipe calculator and put in what you think was in it and guesstimate how much (be generous because we usually underestimate) then create a recipe and log it. I've found that's the easiest way. It doesn't seem like it would be effective but it does force you to think about what you're eating and how much.