Just starting and need friends for support!

Hi! I'm just starting and need to lose 20-25 pounds. Looking for friends who also have weight loss goals and want to do this together!


  • Ant488
    Ant488 Posts: 372 Member
    Feel free to add me.
  • ImChipper
    ImChipper Posts: 44 Member
    Feel free to add me! i'm looking to do 40 at the max and always need that extra push and people to post successes to!
  • kristihulsey
    kristihulsey Posts: 6 Member
    Feel free to add me :)
  • tandra_bsl
    tandra_bsl Posts: 1 Member
    Please add me. I want to loose 25lbs
  • wedgeinthedoor
    wedgeinthedoor Posts: 10 Member
    feel free to add me
  • calefor
    calefor Posts: 28 Member
    Feel free to add me, I'd like to loose 20 - 25lb too!
  • MeganSchuyler16
    MeganSchuyler16 Posts: 189 Member
    Feel free to add me! That goes for anyone! Open diary and I'm on here daily. Just started last week and I've lost 4lbs already! I'm 26, 5'6", and have about 63lbs yet to lose!
  • mineboy
    mineboy Posts: 2,478 Member
    feel free to Add anybody
  • chavezp7
    chavezp7 Posts: 2 Member
    Add me. I lost 80, need 60 more to go.
  • veganvaultlobster
    veganvaultlobster Posts: 4 Member
    Happy to be added
  • meggers123
    meggers123 Posts: 711 Member
    I have about the same amount to lose. Best of luck!
  • MermaidAmanda10
    MermaidAmanda10 Posts: 63 Member
    Add me
  • dmpolansky
    dmpolansky Posts: 38 Member
    You can add me! I'm basically starting over.....again. We can motivate each other!
  • 0veganemilia0
    0veganemilia0 Posts: 1 Member
    Y'all can add me if you want!
  • ashleyfreeman17
    ashleyfreeman17 Posts: 34 Member
    Feel free to add me too! I have lost about 20 lbs and have 15 to go!
  • dhforty
    dhforty Posts: 2 Member
    I just came back and need friends to motivate me too. Feel free to add me and we can do this journey together.
  • kane413
    kane413 Posts: 33 Member
    Good luck, having a support team makes it so much easier.
  • Ash2500
    Ash2500 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm trying to add everyone. I'm new and has lost 16lbs with counting calories and exercises alone.
  • jennnco
    jennnco Posts: 516 Member
    Hey! Would love to support you on your MFP journey
  • smithchelseaa517
    smithchelseaa517 Posts: 5 Member
    Today is my first day using the app. I signed up for a personal trainer and I am following a strict protein rich mean plan. Please add me so I have more motivation to stay on track.