New tattoos and working out?!

Getting a large piece on my arm soon and I'm wondering how much exercise will affect healing?

I know to keep it clean and general healing procedures.

What about doing cardio and getting really sweaty? Will that affect healing?

Should I just try not to sweat? HA

Thoughts? Experiences?


  • Cynsonya
    Cynsonya Posts: 668 Member
    If the fresh tattoo isn't going to touch any gym surface at all I would wait 2-3 days to allow the plasma seep to stop. If it is going to touch a gym surface I would wait at least 4-5 days and disinfect the equipment both before and after use. Regardless, I would thoroughly wash my hands after touching any gym surface before washing or applying ointment to a fresh tattoo.

  • TrailNurse
    TrailNurse Posts: 359 Member
    I have several tattoos and I always wait until the tattoo dries out a few days before I workout. Also gym equipment may have MRSA (and other bugs) on it that could get into your open skin so that's another reason to give it a few days to heal.
  • NaturalNancy
    NaturalNancy Posts: 1,093 Member
    No sweating will not affect it. Just keep it clean and put the vitamin E ointment on it.