Optimal weighing time

When do guys weigh your self, which you believe gives you your most accurate reading?


  • TK6299
    TK6299 Posts: 502 Member
    I usually weigh myself first thing when I wake up.
  • chism21
    chism21 Posts: 155 Member
    Morning time, before eat or drink anything but after you have gone to the restroom if possible!
  • kommodevaran
    kommodevaran Posts: 17,890 Member
    Before breakfast, but I drink two small cups of water while I do my business :p I cut off drinking at least two hours before bed, to sleep undisturbed, so I'm usually quite thirsty after not drinking for ten hours, and I don't want to wait till after I weigh. I feel "rehydrated" and believe the scale reading gets as "accurate" as possible with this "method". And I weigh every day, of course, and don't consider any reading "my weight" - but a range that I aim to stay within.
  • 257_Lag
    257_Lag Posts: 1,249 Member
    Wake, pee, weigh, record!
  • kxbrown27
    kxbrown27 Posts: 769 Member
    Wake up, poop, weigh.
  • shadowfax_c11
    shadowfax_c11 Posts: 1,942 Member
    I find that my daily lowest weight is in the afternoon when I get home from work, so that is when I weigh in.
  • johnsonnr347
    johnsonnr347 Posts: 1 Member
    I like many others weigh first thing in the morning. What is important I think is to be consistent about when you weigh. I notice I weigh 2 lbs heavier In the evening that is why I like to weigh in the morning.
  • benzieboxx
    benzieboxx Posts: 253 Member
    After I wake up, use the bathroom and right before I step in the shower. This just works for me personally because I have time to just do usual routine before I leave for work.
  • NA1979
    NA1979 Posts: 223 Member
    I think I need new scales! lol, sometimes I could be up to a kilo heavier than lighter first thing in the morning.
  • Latitude11Courtney
    Latitude11Courtney Posts: 55 Member
    kxbrown27 wrote: »
    Wake up, poop, weigh.

    Me too.