My first before and after photo (still in progress!!!)



  • jackiesagoddess
    jackiesagoddess Posts: 28 Member
    Definitely a success story! Progress IS success!!! You look great. Keep it up.
  • FitOldMomma
    FitOldMomma Posts: 790 Member
    Yes, you are a success! You may only be halfway through, but the progress so far is impressive. Keep it up and before you know it we'll all be looking at new pictures of the 'new you'. Way to go!!
  • gutierrez_maria
    gutierrez_maria Posts: 9 Member
    You look amazing!! Congratulations, keep up the great work.
  • hzl22
    hzl22 Posts: 157 Member
    Great job!!
  • feelc
    feelc Posts: 11 Member
    Good work, keep it up :smile:
  • FeonaO
    FeonaO Posts: 15 Member
    Thank you for sharing. You look awesome. A real inspiration.
  • imonmyway7
    imonmyway7 Posts: 13 Member
    Such a great write up and real life motivation. Your a true inspiration.
    Skillet007 wrote: »
    I would just like to say that I never traditionally took pictures along the way of my journey. I haven't measured other knowing what pants I fit in then and now. I think the reason I didn't do it is because I was ashamed to look at myself in the mirror and take several pictures of me. It made me face the person I had become and the humiliation was too great..... so I went to Hawaii instead! While I was there I lived with a group of women who were from all over the world, Tasmania, Italy, Germany, British Columbia. They were all active and fit and just really cool people. When I got back from my month long stay in Hawaii, one of those girls sent me a bunch of pictures. One of them was me on the beach, drinking water (tryin' to stay healthy, ya know?). In that photo, I had to face myself. I had to feel the humiliation of letting myself go. To turning into a completely different person.

    That picture changed my life.

    Since October, several months before I discovered MFP, I have been learning, reading, and researching everything I can on weightloss, nutrition, and how to live a healthy life. Funny thing is, it is really kinda simple once you get through all the BS. Now I am fifty lbs lighter with about fifty more lbs to go. These pictures are my ONLY before and after pictures. When I finish losing weight it will be my "in progress" picture. The first one with me standing on the beach is the VERY picture that motivated me to get to where I am today. It'll be the same picture that will have gotten me to my final stage. However, by then, I'll have several other reasons for being healthy, most of them obvious.

    I would just like to say that I have not ever done anything like this. I have posted this picture on a group page on Facebook, not even friends or family have seen this. It's still something I struggle with. This community has been fantastic to me and I get a lot of inspiration from MFP. It has helped me tremendously in the pursuit of my goals. Thank you all!

    I may not be finished, but this is still a success story to me.


  • Sherriediva1
    Sherriediva1 Posts: 345 Member
    edited March 2016
    U Rock!
  • Annabinoid
    Annabinoid Posts: 14 Member
    I'm really glad you posted this! Your transformation has been very impressive and it's great to see how well this is paying off for you! =) you're amazing, dude. Thanks for the inspiration!
  • ClubSilencio
    ClubSilencio Posts: 2,983 Member
    Looking good, brother!

    Props to the woman who sent you the pic that set off the spark! Life is such a trip! :smile:

  • YinxFed
    YinxFed Posts: 1,071 Member
    Such an amazing transformation! You're an inspiration.
  • mmnv79
    mmnv79 Posts: 538 Member
    Well done! and thanks for sharing!
  • KathrynCummings1
    KathrynCummings1 Posts: 21 Member
    Thats great you look amazing
  • Skillet007
    Skillet007 Posts: 55 Member
    Thank you everyone! I love the support on here. Next time I post a success, I'll be at my goal weight!
  • littlemisslazy07
    littlemisslazy07 Posts: 2 Member
    Your pictures have really inspired me - thankyou! I'm 17lbs in, another 52 to go, pictures like yours remind me it is possible on the tough days, thankyou so much and congrats so far!!
  • stm712015
    stm712015 Posts: 138 Member
    Look at you - Fantastic! The transformation isn't just in the pictures, but it's apparent from what you wrote that there's an inner transformation happening. Thanks for sharing!
  • becca_rup23
    becca_rup23 Posts: 396 Member
    That's great! Looking good!
  • Coupongrl79
    Coupongrl79 Posts: 193 Member
    What a transformation! You're doing a fantastic job!
  • lynder64
    lynder64 Posts: 285 Member
    Such an inspiring transformation!!! Wishing you well as you continue your journey!
  • ceejayhatton_mfp
    ceejayhatton_mfp Posts: 21 Member
    This is awesome!
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