25 yo aiming to lose 60lbs by June 1st

I'm 25 trying to lose 60lbs by June 1st I'm looking for friends for encouragement


  • concordancia
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    60 lbs in two months isn't a very reasonable goal. Even Biggest Loser contestants rarely lose that fast and they have an extensive support team.
  • joyann1991
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    Idk about by June 1st but 60 lbs is my goal & I'm 25 as well! Good luck
  • naquitaguy1
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    Good luck just don't put too much pressure on yourself
  • Mayesy23DAZ
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    Tough but sure you can do it if determined
  • Stevo_Ra
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    Need to re-think the goal buddy. Unless you're planning to cut off a couple of limbs that's just unrealistic!!! Set yourself a challenging but do-able goal or you'll just get down heartened. Half that would be tough but probably achievable if you watch the calorie intake and bust your *kitten* at the gym.
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    I kind of set up similar goal to your @trapstar29128 At the beginning of march, My plan is to lose a least 75. I know is a lot and I'm know I might not make it, but that does not mean I'm not trying. So far I have lose 18 pound as of march 22 next weight in on April 1. Hopefully I'm well on my way. I don't think I'm doing it the wrong way but you guys feel free to comment. I'm eating between 1500+ but not more than 1900 calories per day. haven't gone to the gym much but will start working out soon. I track calories not macros, but I got to get on that train because I believe it to be the key to success. I'm not hungry all the time but last week Had couple binges. started 326 and Want to be 250 by June 1. If you think our goal Align and we can motivate each other feel free to add me. I log all my food and diaries are open to review.
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    Add me friend
  • Ninkyou
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    Welcome to MFP!

    I wish you luck, but I hope you rethink your goal. 60 lbs in 2 months is not terribly realistic unless you're extremely heavy (think My 600lb Life heavy). I would readjust my expectations and probably ditch the time goal. There's a popular saying, "You didn't gain the weight overnight, you're not going to lose it overnight." Keep your expectations low and you won't be setting yourself up for disappointment. Weight loss isn't about an "all or nothing" mentality either, it's all about sustainability and moderation.

    Good luck.
  • tincanonastring
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    You're talking about basically losing a pound a day, which is just not feasible. The general reference is about 3500 calories per pound, so you'd have to burn 3500 more calories per day than you eat. As a 25yo heavy dude, your maintenance is probably close to 2750. You'd basically have to eat nothing, as in zero, and still burn an additional 750 calories per day. Again, that's 60 days of eating nothing and burning 750 calories (for your reference, I burn about that on a 6 mile run).

    Choose an achievable goal. How about 25 pounds by June 1st?
  • JeromeBarry1
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    When you registered for MFP the most aggressive goal it allowed you to choose was a 2 lb per week loss. It's going to be hard enough to stay under that goal. It's easier to be satisfied with a 2lb loss in a week than it is to be disappointed with a failure to lose 7 lb in a week.
  • dmon168
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    took me 3 months to lose 12 lbs (approx 1 lb a week). like what most people above me have said, you might want to rethink your goal and set something that's more realistic and achievable.
  • wheeliewonka
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    Intermittent fasting
  • fivelongmiles
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    Intermittent fasting
    Only if he stays in the "fasting" part of it for the whole two months...