Low Carb

Hello everyone. Started 5years ago trying to get my weight in control like everyone else. Always a struggle. I'm 5"1 and was 191lbs five years ago. I'm now down to 161lbs. I have been doing the low carb. I'm 68 yrs. and just want to get to maybe 129. Want to stay in good health.


  • Brin1956
    Brin1956 Posts: 168 Member
    I've been doing low calorie too. Got to stay healthy so I can stay living in my own home for the next 20 yrs. I'm 60 yrs. old. Made sure I keep up on my medical but I hate taking pills. I know I need to keep my vit D up to keep the old noggin healthy.
  • BasketMommy4
    BasketMommy4 Posts: 10 Member
    I've just started my Low carb journey & would love to have other friends on the same journey for support.