* FIRES CONFETTI CANNONS* -- Milestone Hit!! 100lbs LOST!!



  • healthylili2015
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    WOW!! Amazing work! You must feel so proud!!
  • trogers42
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    congrats. you look awesome.
  • Needachange84
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    Congrats!! That is so awesome!!
  • kittybenn
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    You're so young and have your whole life ahead of you -- as a person at a healthy weight. Congrats. That is SO fabulous!
  • puffbrat
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    Fantastic! Congrats!
  • hlsommers
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    That's awesome congratulations :) Just reading all the success stories is such an inspiration
  • Dana_E
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    Way to go!
  • queenofpuppies
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    you're awesome! You must be such a strong person to be able to work as hard as you must have worked to do that! YOU GO GIRL!
  • DebBahr
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    You are absolutely stunning! Congratulations!!!!
  • Karen_DisneyFan
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    You look amazing! Good job!! You must be at your goal (or pretty darn close); you look very slim in the pictures you posted :D
  • JosieGirl1976
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    Omg i could freaking pee my pants right now!!


    I've never been more in love with my own ticker then i am at this very moment hahaha.

    Here is a before and after (Sorry i never took full body shots when i was fatter lol )


    Here is some after shots!




    Here is a photo i took after finding my old pants from when i was heavier. Im standing inside ONE LEG, my whole body fit in there!!



    Wow! Way to go!
  • megbugs
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    So awesome, congratulations!!! How many calories do you eat & what's your workouts like?
  • StacyChrz
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    Yaaaaaaa! you are amazing, great work!!
  • Beggers50
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    Congratulations! What hard work you have put in and now it has paid off.
  • Breeli0519
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    So awesome!!! Congrats!
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    Congrats! :)