P90x or Insanity

Anyone here have the workout programs? I do. I'm thinking about doing some and wanted someone to workout out with--even virtually.

Let me know.


  • natashaisdoingthis
    natashaisdoingthis Posts: 1 Member
    I'm doing Insanity right now. I lost 30+lbs last year doing P90 (the beginner's version of P90X) & then moved on to P90X3 (which I didn't really like for some reason) & T25.
  • AverageJoeFit
    AverageJoeFit Posts: 251 Member
    Insanity is very cardio centric. If you want to lose weight this will work.

    P90x is very weight centric. It doesn't have much cardio, but you will build a lot of muscle.

    I havn't done p90x3 yet. I have it but will try it next month. If you message me I can let you know.
  • latincoffee
    latincoffee Posts: 190 Member
    I'm thinking of starting one or the other. You guys in?
  • sarochka85
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    Totally different programmes.

    Inanity is high intensity cardio. You will lose weight, get the resting heart rate of an athlete and very possibly some joint pain and muscle loss.

    P90x can help you develop your all-over strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. It is still quite hard but a lot more doable.

  • latincoffee
    latincoffee Posts: 190 Member
    May start the p90x
  • louise13dunstan
    louise13dunstan Posts: 74 Member
    P90X3 is good and it's 30mins per day. The program I'm on now (and it's my fave) is hammer and chisel. Out of all the beachbody stuff (and I own virtually all of them) this is the one that is giving me best results. Insanity is good,glad I did it but u can feel left behind whereas T25 would probably be a better choice from usability and enjoyment. Body combat is also a good one for variety and results
  • louise13dunstan
    louise13dunstan Posts: 74 Member
    For hammer and chisel u can substitute stuff like I don't have a bench so I use my stability ball. Hammer uses resistance band in warm up but u can use a towel. U can use chin up bar or a resistance band
    Main thing u need are weights and a ball.
  • sarina87
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    I did P90X a couple of years ago. It's a really good program, very doable. I saw results and you feel like a million bucks. As for Insanity, OMG, I could not do it even when I was in my best shape. I modified everything and my asthma still was bad. Cardio to the max. Not for me.

    I would do a round or 2 of P90X and then if you still feel like you are not being challenged enough, go to Insanity. I didn't start P90X until I was out of the 200s weight range. Good time to start. Trying to get back to that level again.

    P.S the P90X yoga DVD was 2 hours if I recall correctly.
  • billutzman
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    I did insanity a few yrs back, first night ended up in ER. I actually thought I was having heart attack. That's what I get for starting at square one with that program. Anyway. (Was a panic attack after arms numbed up) boy was I embarrassed. What I did learn was that a guy in early 40s goes to the front of line at ER. Sorry to all the kids with fevers.

    I took it personal. I restarted after a month. I beat it, lost 25lbs and was fit. I am a cardio workout aholic. Run a lot of 5Ks and just did a half marathon in March. But the last couple yrs i was subpar at eating. But still jogged 5days/wk but I am up 10lbs now. (Yes, food is 70% of battle) I am in week 3 of InSanity again and quite addicted and eating right.
  • kbatman777
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    If you are dedicated and push it, I feel Insanity does a better job with cardio training. Losing weight and toning.