Discreet exercises for when you're standing/sitting around??

Are there any exercises that can be done whilst I'm waiting around, say waiting for my printing at work, but that isn't obvious to other people and that wouldn't make me look like a weirdo?? Even butt clenches are obvious...I just feel like "waiting around" time is a waste.
Any ideas?


  • rileyes
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    Calf raises. Just wink at the guy over the cubicle every raise.
  • Stripeymitten
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    Good point about the kegels...better than nothing! Both good suggestions, thanks!
  • ShodanPrime
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    I do kegels.
  • SarcasmIsMyLoveLanguage
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    I do kegels.

    Thanks for the reminder :lol:
  • Machka9
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  • Lounmoun
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    I would also pace.
  • Machka9
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    In addition to pacing, or similar to it ...

    If I'm doing a large print job, I'll get it going then walk briskly over to the kitchen and get myself a cup of coffee, and drop it off at my desk, and walk briskly over to the printer to check on the progress and make sure that the printer isn't jamming or someone isn't pulling one sheet at a time off the tray, looking at it, and putting it on the counter (that has happened to me ... got everything out of order!!), then do a brisk lap of the office and back to check on the printing, then a brisk walk over to my coffee to have a drink ...

    If I have several small jobs to do, I'll do them one at a time and walk to the printer to collect them in between each ... back and forth and back and forth ...

  • allaboutthecake
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    Tighten & release your core. works great standing at the copier!
  • mitch16
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    Pacing is a little inconsiderate to those who are unlucky enough to sit right next to the printer--I would suggest taking a lap around the cubicles or walking to the drinking fountain and having some water.
  • Machka9
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    mitch16 wrote: »
    Pacing is a little inconsiderate to those who are unlucky enough to sit right next to the printer--

    We have a large printer area separated from the cubicles.

  • chaney3000
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    Well, I'm not the type to care what others think so I would be doing a set of burpees at the copier or some push ups. Look at him.....yeah, that's right I'm getting it in right here!

    But for you, calf raises, core holds, leaning push ups against the wall, walking around waiting for the print job (see how far you can go before it finishes), you could take something with you and do some curls while you wait.

    Hope that helps
  • dolliesdaughter
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    Kegels, glute squeezes, core contractions and calf raises. I also take the long way to the bathroom and ask for my print location to be move to the farthest printer (getting in those steps).
  • ShodanPrime
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    I also often find I squeeze my hands very hard during meetings. Great for grip.