Hey it would be nice to meet new peole:)

My name is sophie I'm 20 years old and i need to loose weight in order to have a life changing operation. Any advice or support that you could give would be much appreciated. X


  • 777dawne
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    Hi sophie, what are you doing now to loose weight? What do you like to do? I. Do fitness walking, lift weight, biking. .
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    Hey to be honset i dont do much i hate exercise:/ im on my feet all the time with my job and i do walk to and from work. I moved out about 6 months ago with my other half so at the moment i have just changed my eating habbits:/ i just never seem to have energy i just feel stuck :(
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    Hi Sophie! I was feeling the same a few months ago and have found that the more I was obsessing about weight the less I was losing. I used to find exercise a chore and was one of those really self-conscious people (still am a bit!) who was scared of walking into a gym. And then I met this girl who helped me to get rid of my inhibitions. She made me realise how much I could do with my body and kept motivating me.

    Changing your eating habits is the toughest part and it sounds like you're working on it... After all abs are made in the kitchen! :)

  • nevadascorpion
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    Find out what your caloric maintenance is for a day. Use maintenance number for 4weeks to acculmate your body. Second month subtract 250 calories from that number. 3rd month subtract another 250. Your fourth month you should be at and maintain a 500 caloric deficit. First month keep your nutrition the same. Don't change the foods you eat. Second month start introducing one clean meal a day. Third month introduce 2 clean meals. Remember to enjoy life so if your going to eat out make sure it fits in your caloric intake and its post workout. This is just advice Results are slow but will stick.