Adult acne question



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    Please don't let it be chocolate

    If it has dairy in it. They have dairy free chocolate!
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    I have unusual breakouts on my chin and the area around my mouth. Recently a friend told me to be aware of sulfates in liquid face wash and I switched to Dove Sensitive Skin fragrance free bar soap. (I had been using baby wash on my face under the assumption that it was gentle.) Also, I am careful to not let my toothpaste dribble out on my skin as that can be irritating. Sometimes things appear to be acne but are actually irritations or fungal. Hope this helps-- I know how embarrassing this can be.

    Interesting. I use baby soap on my face. I'll switch over to dove and see if it makes a difference. I'm a bad toothpaste dribbler lol I have an electric toothbrush which is bad for 'spillage'.
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    I still break out and I'm 45. I had really bad acne on my shoulders and upper back until the doctor put me back on birth control and it went away. The few times that I have been off birth control it always comes back. I'm just making a guess that it's hormonal for me.
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    Naley2322 wrote: »
    Please don't let it be chocolate

    If it has dairy in it. They have dairy free chocolate!

    There have been some studies that show potentially dairy free cocoa can increase acne for some people. But, still doesn't explain why. Chocolate is a prebiotic for certain types of microbes in the gut. A lot of people with acne have GI problems, so maybe those people are sensitive to chocolate in that way. But, there is no conclusive understanding of the results of the studies. I eat chocolate. I don't think it causes me acne. My acne only happened when I was vegan, but there are too many foods I have an intolerance to (at least right now with a GI injury). Dairy is linked to acne as well. For people that are sensitive to that (the hormones or other reasons), but some people can have a certain amount of dairy without getting acne. I'm having a little goat's milk kefir, yogurt, or cheese. But, I have multiple issues to manage. I have a gut issue (need low fodmap diet) and I have a histamine intolerance (causes nerve pain in my face and eyes).
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    Our body tries in many different ways to get rid of toxins. If liver, kidneys and lungs do not fulfill their tasks sufficiently, the body needs help from the skin. Increased weight overwhelms these other organs a great deal.

    The skin is the largest organ of protection and defense. It is a sensory organ. It serves for thermo regulation, secretion and excretion. The skin plays an important role in the elimination of toxins and can assist the kidneys in their work.

    It evacuates the waste products that are classified as crystals. They are soluble in liquids and are evacuated in the form of sweat through the sweat glands. Crystals are the residues of the metabolism of food rich in protein, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes and cereals. Uric acid and urea are part of the group of crystals.

    These may also result from an excess of refined sugar or very acidic food. Other types of waste products and toxins are excreted in the form of rashes.
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    i started getting (hormonal) acne in my 20s after never having experienced acne in my teen years... turns out it is/was due to the fact that i have PCOS (wasn't diagnosed until December 2015). i haven't had to cut anything out of my diet - just regulating my hormones (i take metformin now as well as synthyroid for my hypothyroidism) and having a good skincare routine has helped tremendously!
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    I have been dealing with acne since I was 11 years old, and 20 years later, it's still a problem for me, though the severity varies from time to time. But really, I can't remember the last time I didn't have at least one pimple on my face.

    My face is better now than it was about a year ago, and I credit that to a few things: I have a better skin care routine (wash only at night with a charcoal cleanser, rosewater toner, argan oil, and eye cream; morning I put on a CC cream); I eat a lot more fatty fish (sardines, tuna, salmon), I drink a metric butt-ton of water every day, and overall I have less stress in my life. The thing is, there are so many factors that contribute to breakouts, it can be hard to pinpoint, but it sounds like you may have hit the nail on the head by cutting back on dairy.

    After reading this, I'm thinking I should maybe cut back on dairy, but I really love my Greek yogurt for breakfast. I could probably cut back on the cheese, though.
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    Junk food and pop always gives me acne flare ups. Also lots of people use face wash that is really harsh and dries out the skin, which signals to the body to produce more oil which makes acne worse.

    I hardly get acne now (I was a pizza face), I use a charcoal cleanser at night and in the morning some coconut oil with ground coffee (exfoliates) with some vit e. I wash my pillow cases often and keep my hair off my face. (I wash my hair like twice a week so I don't want it on my face haha.)
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    I would suggest using skin care products that are more natural than general commercial brands. I know of people who have switched to using homemade soaps and their acne cleared up. Even some commercial products that are made for sensitive skin may not necessarily help.
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    I mostly have an acne flare up with my period now.
    I drink mostly water. I do consume dairy and am not on a restricted diet other than calories. I do eat more vegetables and fruits now.
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    I'm not sure which board is best but I have an odd question. I had been suffering from acne this last year very badly. It was mostly around my chin and was boderline cystic. They were very painful and embarrassing. I'm 37, I was 5'3" and about 154lbs so not obese and I ate a moderately healthy diet. In January, I started MFP, I've lost 15lbs (currently at 139) and gave up soda, fast foods, etc for the most part. My acne is virtually gone for the last 1-2 months. Any ideas what the key was that made the change in my skin? More water, less soda? Less greasy foods? Less weight? I'm kinda confused (but obviously relieved).

    Washing my face 2 x a day with a stronger cleanser, moisturizing and decreasing my sugar intake (mostly coming from a daily latte) helped with mine! And drinking more water.
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    I am voting for the water increase. When I was diagnosed with embarrassing and painful adult onset acne, I had a naturopath recommend a lot more water, carrot juice, and to never ever ever ever put soap products on my face. That was about 20 years ago. My acne cleared up within days, and I have never struggled with it since. I drink carrot juice now only occasionally. I drink a lot of water every day. I have never used a soap product on my face since then - just warm water and a washcloth. So yeah, I vote for the water increase as the culprit!