25lbs by July 4th

Hilarypelican Posts: 4 Member
I need to challenge myself so I'm staring my own. If you join me then we can support each other and hold each other accountable. Log in daily and post your weight loss/gain, successes and/or difficulties.


  • JLS21080
    JLS21080 Posts: 5 Member
    Alright....I'm on board! I want to lose 2lbs/week.
    Starting weight: 180 as of yesterday
  • JLS21080
    JLS21080 Posts: 5 Member
    I need to plan my meals for lunch and dinner and prepare/package them ahead of time. I'm gonna look online for some meal suggestions and let me know if you have any also. I'm super picky so I'll make myself try some new stuff also.
  • lauranicole6
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    I'm in!! My starting weight is 188.4lbs looking to hit 140! Hoping this will keep me motivated! Anyone feel free to add!
  • Shenvalleygurl
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    25lb sounds like a fantasy! But you can't achieve if you don't try right? I'm 194.8 this morning, so that makes my goal anything under 170 by July 4. Last time I weighed that was 1986 ... when do we start? Today? Now? I'm in. I can't focus on # per week, that's my body's decision. So I will focus on staying under my calories (1,550) every day, keeping my carbs low every day, and working out every day. I actually am about 90% there right now, so this just ups my game to pro-level. Wish me luck!!!

    Shoot, that means today's rest day is now a workout tonight LOL!
  • JLS21080
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    Good luck....you got this!!!
  • Hilarypelican
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    No weight loss for me yet - but we're only one day in, right? I got all of my water in for today and ate a small spinach salad for breakfast, a sushi roll for lunch and some chicken noodle soup for dinner. My staring weight is 208. Good luck everyone! Keep up the good work!
  • taraschwartz79
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    I'm in! I just got back from a trip to New York where I completely fell off the wagon. I'm looking for support to keep me motivated and to help to hold me accountable.
  • Shoebacha1
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    I am having a tough food day.
    Before I read about it in the PCOS for Dummies book, I always thought it was just a problem with me....but knowing that PCOS is what is causing this urge to binge eat on occasion helps me ignore and control it. Now instead of feeling like I have piss poor self control and am a self-sabatager, I understand the urge is actually chemically induced. Lets me feel I am in control of myself again, and helps me know the hunger pains are not really me being hungry, but my out of whack system telling me lies. I will continue to eat as normal and increase my water intake, and give the finger to these lies from my tummy.
  • shelbyleigh56
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    Can I join??
  • JLS21080
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  • ronna1961
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    I'm in! starting weight is 142 lbs and want to lose 15 lbs. by July 4th. Just tell me what to do!! I need help staying motivated.
  • aaromalloyola666
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    I'm in.Starting weight 189 pounds at 6'1".Let's do it.
  • JLS21080
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    I lost 1.4 this week. I'm the right track but ugh! Starting the gym tonight ;)
  • ktkat2307
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    I would love to join this, I need some motivation and you ladies and gentlemen sound like you've got it! I am getting married September 24th and I have my dress, it fits, but does it fit right? Nope! I am currently 176lbs and 5'10''. I am really hoping I can achieve my goal of reaching 150lbs. If I can get anywhere close, I will be ecstatic! Help keep me on track!
  • pratikp
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    This sounds good! I've got quite a bit to lose but this is half way so I'm in!
    SW 270
    CW 270
    GW 220
  • Hilarypelican
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    I've got my Greens from ItWorks for this morning's intake and a Shakeology shake for lunch. Went for a bike ride yesterday. I'm having a hard time getting started, so I'm trying to kick start something this week.
  • brendavirgo13
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    starting @182.6
    July 4th 157.6
    I'm a little late starting, but I'm in
  • frontdoorangel
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    I'm in, I'd love to join. I've been stalled forever and need something to get me back on track.

    Starting Weight: 198
    Challenge Weight: 173 (or less! lol)
    Goal Weight: 160
  • erinh52098
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    I'll join as well! I need the accountability!
  • brendavirgo13
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    starting @182.6
    Apr. 25th--
    May 2nd--
    May 9th--
    May 16th--
    May 23rd--
    May 29th--
    Jun 6th--
    Jun 13th--
    Jun 20th--
    Jun 27th--
    July 4th 157.6