I Lost 90lbs !! Pictures!!



  • shanikrobinson
    shanikrobinson Posts: 21 Member
    I'm so proud of you best friend! Seeing your journey and doing life with you has been amazing. Fit for life...not the summer
  • Mbusbee63
    Mbusbee63 Posts: 4 Member
  • NadiaMayl
    NadiaMayl Posts: 495 Member
    Gorgeous! Fab work!!! :smiley:
  • LilannB
    LilannB Posts: 99 Member
    The food you prepared looks delicious. Proof that healthy eating can also be enjoyable. Congratulations on your weight loss.
  • wildfire1204
    wildfire1204 Posts: 237 Member
    So happy for you. The struggle is real but you've conquered it. Congrats!
  • ryansmom09
    ryansmom09 Posts: 45 Member
    Congrats! You look great!!! Thanks for sharing.
  • RozzyG
    RozzyG Posts: 12 Member
    Stunner!! Congrats on all your hard work!! You're gorgeous! You must feel amazing and be SO proud of yourself, what an amazing transformation! Good for you! :smiley:
  • NicoleV11
    NicoleV11 Posts: 1 Member
    Great job! You look amazing!
  • Fairysoul
    Fairysoul Posts: 1,361 Member
    Just amazing!
  • mommazach
    mommazach Posts: 384 Member
    Great inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to share your success story with us!
  • rebolaugh
    rebolaugh Posts: 125 Member
    That's so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your story. You look great, and yes, adorable dogs and delicious-looking food. Good for you!
  • 120poundstogo
    120poundstogo Posts: 700 Member
    Wow such an inspiration!
  • pdxwine
    pdxwine Posts: 389 Member
    Great job and you have done it eating real food. Congrats! You look fantastic.

    I have lost 92 pounds, also eating real food, not fad diet.

  • PMDiva
    PMDiva Posts: 41 Member
    Congrats! Fantastic job!
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