I need momma motivators

Hey guys,
Feel free to add me! I'm a mother of a 2 year old little girl and I need motivation to get this baby weight off!! Any tips from other mums would be great! And even if you aren't a mum, add me anyway, we can help each other :)


  • Ant488
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    Feel free to add me.
  • sc487
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    The motivation is you want to be able to kee up with your youngins. My 3yo was gonna outrun me in a couple years if I didn't change my eating and exercising
  • KateDegnan
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    Mom of 2, and three year old and seven week old. Feel free to add me
  • blsnyder24
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    I feel like this is the place for me! Feel free to add me! I have a six-year-old and a three year old, and of course time for myself is limited but I do the best I can to exercise five times a week. Controlling my eating habits is much harder for me, I need all the encouragement and motivation I can get!!
  • MrsAER
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    I have a 2.5 yr old and a 2 week old, not lost the weight from baby number 1 and now have double the work and half the time! Would love some mum friends x
  • bhurley100
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    Everyone feel free to add me too:-)
  • fit4itall
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    Mom of 2. Feel free to add. Diary open (no expert here, but I like being able to share/get food ideas).
  • tinywonder25
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    Have an almost 3 year old little girl! I sent a request :)
  • K10D2015
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    Mom of a 3 year old always looking for motivation. Feel free to add :):):):):)
  • jmm1977
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    :) Feel free to add me! LOL - Mom of 2, almost 18 and 15! Still trying to slim down those extra baby pounds gained OMG 16 yrs ago! I really can't say it was just the pregnancies, I have never been "overweight", but after not taking care of myself for years, claiming I was too busy, my body went into a slump, rolls started to form and I DO NOT LIKE THEM! haha Now that they are much older and self sufficent, I am trying to take care of ME!!!

    Is anyone interested in a Free Facebook Group page that I have created for this purpose? Motivation/Accountability? Let me know!
  • mrsk325
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    Feel free to add me too. I have 2 little ones and can relate too!