Gluten free and skipping meals

OK. I'm gluten free so I consume a lot of carbs. I also skip meals due to my work hours. I'm a waitress at a seafood restaurant that I basically can't eat at due to either to expensive or I'm feeling sick due to inhaling gluten. (very small restaurant; flour and oil float around, airbourne.) When I do actually get a chance to eat. I'm tired and don't want to make an elaborate meal for myself so I'll eat a baked potato or chips. I need advice on how do things different.. I'm loosing weight but that's not a bad thing.


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    The baked potato or potato chips works. Add cheese or bacon for the baked potato and some nuts or yogurt to eat with the chips.
  • Have a big omelette before going to work - the eggs are good for protein and you can add whatever veg/cheese/herbs you fancy. Dried fruit and nuts are good for snacking on at work - if you can get outside for your break, it might make it easier to eat. When you get home tired, it would be great if you had things in the freezer that you had made in batches earlier in the week, but if not, your baked potatoes are still a healthy option.
    I work in a hospital, so I understand what you mean about being in an environment where it isn't easy to eat x