The Comeback

A couple years ago suffered several injuries in succession.
Back issues, an achilles injury, as well as a shoulder injury.
I have chronic asthma and that plays into my fitness levels as well.
Living in Korea, I had to quit drinking because it was getting to be too much.
I also gave up online gaming for similar reasons.
Over the past 3 years I have had some ups and downs but I focused on my goals and got hooked on fitness competitions. It started with indoor rowing and then marathons and finally bodybuilding and physique.
I just recieved my pro card with WBC in Korea for men's physique.
Can't wait to take this farther.


  • gandssmith
    gandssmith Posts: 67 Member
    if you've gotta have an addiction, fitness is a good one to have. congratulations on all you've overcome. keep up the great work!
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