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First we have to admit we are a food addict Come join me and maybe we can beat this evil.
Help me make a list of things we need to do to overcome this problem we have.and help one another i will start off

1.... make a plan and stick with it 24/7


  • SheliaN1960
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    2. Remember to take one day at a time!
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    I am not a food addict, but I understand why many people are. Congratulations for recognising this and taking steps to get this chunky monkey off your back!

    You can do it!
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    3. Make small goals to meed, instead of big goals, that way you don't get discouraged.
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    I definitely am. I struggle so much with "the first bite". I think I want to be able to indulge as others do, but have to accept my triggers and protect myself from them. So that it what I'll add, know your triggers.
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    I am a PIZZA and CHOCOLATE addict lol and a bit lazy too lol :laugh:
  • 4. Keep foods that are my weakness out of my pantry... PERIOD!!
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    If I do get off track, don't let it impact the rest of the day!!!!! Pick myself up, dust myself off, and get right back to the plan.
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    I confess I am a food addict!!! remember to take baby steps!!
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    Drink alcohol as infrequently as possible as they give me the munchies which are much harder to overcome whilst under the influence and the following day.
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    I am a food addict also. I could be full and I will still eat whatever is in the house because it tastes good and makes me feel good for the moment. Then I feel like crap emotionally and physically after I eat it. I have done so well for the most part of the 100 days I have been on MFP, but I will have a bad week here and there. Yes, not a bad day, but a bad WEEK! I need to stop those "pig out weeks"!
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    Hi! My name is PeachyKeene and I am a food addict.

    I think the count is out of order or some didn't number so I won't either.

    Not even one bite of chocolate cake because I don't have the willpower to stop once I taste it.
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    YES!!!!! and mostly refined carbs would do it...
    So far i feel free for the first time in my life...i hit 205 on June 1 and was tired all the time. I ran into someone at the train station and she told me she had just lost 25Lbs w acupressure, i called that very day and got my little pellets behind my ears, ...this is June 2, the diet they gave me was more like a detox type of thing...anyway i stuck with it for 12 days and lost 10lbs ( i cheated a couple of times) , Now I got off myself because i started reading all kinds of things about Chinese medicine and this opened my mind and my life to make life changes..i had not felt so physically apt after that cleanse...No i am continuing on my own and applying pressure points to control my hunger and staying away from all refined carbs, and lost another 3 lbs in the past week.
    I have been reading this book..."the power of metabolism" by Frank Suarez who was a food addict his whole life and has been able to win..this book explains every single function of the way food is processed for a food addict ...
    I am starting a new life and i am not counting carbs or calories...just applying the principles this guy says.
    In my experience and after trying every diet in the market, every pill available ...i realize than freeing my mind from thinking about food has been an answer...i dont want to spend my life counting and measuring...that is too much work, is a slavery!!!
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    Yes I am a food addict. Have been all my life. I only realize it when I pay attention to what I am eating. I have to think, ask myself questions BEFORE putting food in my mouth. I still stare at the cupboard or the fridge to see if there is something there I want to eat. When I am not paying attention to what I eat, I sometimes don't even know what is going in my mouth, or remember if I have eaten lunch yet. I think about food ALL the time. I truly love MTP because I still think about food all the time but now I check to see what I can eat and enter EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth. Even if I have to guess the calories.
    There are a lot of different addicts in my family and mine is food. I am once again re-learning to control mine. Even an old dog can learn new tricks!!
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    I am a food addict! The love/hate relationship with food drives me nuts!

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    Hello. My name is Sabrina and I am addicted to food................

    On a serious note: I make myself log in to MFP and at least read other people's posts even when my weight is the last thing I want to think about. Sometimes it motivates me. I have not been very diligent with that or any other good habits lately. Maybe today I will get back my mojo..........
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    Hi- I am a food Addict and an Over Eater!!

    Pretty much if it's bad for me I like it and if I tell myself I shouldn't eat something for diet purposes then I only crave it more. It's SOOO HARD to try to change this life long addiction..... I'm in my 20s learning to or making myself like and eat vegetables and fruits....and portion distortion is a huge problem too!! So portion control is another battle! :(

    It's not like smoking cigarettes.....and quitting all together...

    People have to eat to live.....I can't just quit eating.... so the struggle continues....EVERY day.
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    Thanks everyone for sening in you sugestion on food addicts lots of good help.
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    I am a food addict and bored eater. When stressed or upset I cannot eat but definately I tend to find myself eating in a dazed coma. I tell myself no and then the last minute there I am in the drive thru. Food is like a drug, it is addicting and one can only give it time.
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    First time I am writing it down I am a food addict I need to focus on getting to a healthy weight and getting strong. When I overeat it's like I will never get a chance to eat again so one bite is not acceptable until it's all gone :'( Enough is Enough!!! I will learn to deal with this one day at a time.
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    Make sure you take accountability of what you are feeding your body, and not eating off of emotions. I tend to overeat and stuff myself in hopes that I will feel better.