Best restaurants to go eat at when watching calories?

Trying to decide where is a good place to eat out.


  • rawley69
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    I found Applebees has some good lower calorie options.
  • mathoma94
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    Most chain restaurants, especially fast food like Papa Johns, Chick Fil A, McDonalds, etc. all have their calorie counts/nutrition info in extensive detail on their websites. To name a few others I know of: Panda Express, Panera Bread, Qdoba, KFC, and Burger King (I think).

    Most of those choices are pretty decent to eat out but not a "nice" place by any means even if you technically can get something healthy at each of them (grilled chicken and/or salad always works). As far as nicer places, check out chain restaurants like Chili's, Cheesecake Factory, PF Changs, Applebees, Chipolte, and Pei Wei; they all have nutrition logs online as well.
  • nixxthirteen
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    Agreeing with anywhere that posts calorie info online. I'm going to a restaurant tonight that only has 2 locations and finding info on anything there is basically impossible, so I'm improvising :| .

    However, in the past I've always relied on places that offered fish fillets (salmon, tilapia - not fried) with fresh veg and a house salad, or steak and veg with a salad. It's my go-to at new places.
  • nixxthirteen
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    Also Taco Bell offers a "fresco" menu (I think that's what it's called?) where they replace the beans and cheese on certain menu items with a salsa. Shredded chicken tacos done that way are awesome in a pinch while you're on the go.
  • itsbasschick
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    you can get a child's pasta and marinara or primavera at olive garden for around 300 calories - add one plate of salad (not a heaping plate) for 140 calories.

    cheesecake factory has a skinnylicious fresh vegetable salad. i get the skinnylicious vinagrette instead of the dressing that comes with it, and don't get apples or edamame 'cause i don't care for them on salad. they don't give specific calories, but they do say everything on the skinnylicious menu is under 490 calories.

    most or all chain restaurants have online menus with calorie info. chipotle has a calorie calculator to figure out their stuff in advance - i get a black bean bowl and bring half home.

    blaze pizzas with red sauce no toppings is around 660 calories. i eat half and take half home. they also have a calorie calculator

  • Harleyb87
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    Long Horn! They have a amazon Salmon and their broccoli is really really good.
  • Meganthedogmom
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    rankinsect wrote: »
    Any place that posts nutrition info online so you can plan ahead.

    Yep, this!

    Almost every restaurant's food is going to be more calorie-dense than what you would make at home, since you have control over what and how much of everything you put into it. So, the only thing I can say is find a restaurant you like that has nutritional info available, so you know what you're taking in.
  • ilex70
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    Other than places that have calories posted just think about what is likely to be less calorie dense...meat and vegetables that aren't prepared with a lot of oil or heavy sauces.

    I like Mexican, Mediterranean/Middle Eastern, Japanese, sometimes Greek, steak houses. Burgers can be alright within reason. Chinese and Italian are trickier...the Chinese because of sugary/oily sauces and rice...also fried stuff...the Italian because bread, cheese, and pasta. They aren't impossible, but tougher IMO without any published nutrition info to work from.
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    I have been enjoying Ruby Tuesday's grilled chicken breast with spaghetti squash and grilled zucchini (app. 300 cals)- tonight will actually be the 3rd time this week, haha
  • ForeverSunshine09
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    I personally like Cheddar's I can eat their chicken strips and a honey butter crossiant for less than 600 cals.
  • Pam_Shebamm
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    Chipotle. Also like everyone said, anywhere that posts their nutrition info. Here in NY almost all restaurants (aside from smaller places) have calorie counts right on the menu, so that's helpful
  • ajsawrie
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    Ancho Salmon Meal at Chili's is my favorite! Under 500 cals and you get a sizeable piece of fish with rice and broccoli. :)