Protein powder for coffee/oatmeal

ekat120 Posts: 407 Member
What's a protein powder that you've found mixes well with hot liquids/foods like coffee and oatmeal? It seems like the ones I've tried get lumpy or taste weird. Any suggestions?


  • MrsMizzart
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    I use Pulsin Pea Protein in oatmeal. It's a bit of an acquired taste but okay.
  • keithcw_the_first
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    I've had luck with oatmeal and regular Gold Standard... I mix it in a coffee cup and put the powder on the bottom. By the time the hot water has reached it it's not hot enough to cook it and make it bind up.

    The only other thing I've had success with is mixing the protein powder with a little bit of room temperature or warm liquid first. If you add that to the hotter item - coffee or oatmeal - there's less of a chance that it will clump up. I think that's the same way you prevent eggs from cooking when you're mixing them into a pastry cream. "Tempering", maybe.
  • cwwheatcroft
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    Have you tried adding the powder to the liquid? Most mix much better that way. If you add the liquid to the powder you tend to get clumping.
  • phogaboom
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    This is absolutely the best protein on the market. Not sold in stores, only directly from the manufacturer or a small dealer.

    Davisco Foods owns BiPro and they developed and patented their process for manufacturing whey. BiPRO is a completely natural, unique dairy protein produced from pasteurized whey through proprietary selective ion exchange technology.

    You can also learn more about whey at this web page. Its a non profit organization and they do not sell anything. It also does not have dumb blogs with non professional opinions, only peer reviewed studies on whey.

    fyi, I am not an affiliate of BiPro, I just like their products and did a lot of data gathering before I found them.
  • Christine_72
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    'Quest' and 'optimum nutrition casein' are my 2 top picks for mixability
  • ekat120
    ekat120 Posts: 407 Member
    Lots of good ideas and techniques that I haven't tried! Thanks!!!
    ASH_DVM Posts: 160 Member
    My optimum nutrition mixes quite well in oatmeal. Never tried it in coffee as I enjoy coffee black
  • Pam_Shebamm
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    ON Gold Standard mixes great with oatmeal. Also with coffee if you do it iced.
  • Francl27
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    Quest protein is fantastic in oatmeal but didn't quite work in coffee - however I didn't mix it with liquid first.
  • feisty_bucket
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    Never had a problem mixing any powder with oatmeal. But, in general, that stuff gets really squirrely when you heat it.
  • mathandcats
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    I like mixing Quest with oatmeal. Can't say about coffee - not something I'm interested in trying...
  • RunRachelleRun
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    I have protein powder in my coffee all the time. Mix it with just enough cold water and a fork first to blend, then pour the coffee on top. I use half a scoop because I want my coffee to still be hot.
  • ekat120
    ekat120 Posts: 407 Member
    ON Gold Standard mixes great with oatmeal. Also with coffee if you do it iced.

    I don't know why I didn't think of having it in iced coffee. That sounds good! I usually drink coffee black, but it'd be nice to make a little coffee drink thing every once in a while. Bonus that they sell the ON at Costco!