Opinions on weight loss with NO excercise?

I am interested to know if anyone has done this successfully? I know its not advised and it is not something I am going to do, I am just wondering :)


  • xjessicaxrx
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    Thats brilliant well done! I walk quite a bit anyway with my 2 big dogs, iv always done that though. I hate the gym, i did start swimming a lot at one point but gave it up because its too much effort washing and drying my hair every time haha!
  • GaryH1989
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    It's more what you eat then what you do that contributes to weight loss, I lost the first 60lbs with dieting alone. Sounds like you're already on track though :)
  • jen_bush
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    I'm walking at least 6-7km a day, but no other exercise at the moment as I've just been too stressed out to eat enough, so trying not to go under my calories, hence no exercise most days - been losing weight just fine. :)
  • trjjoy
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    All you need is a calorie deficit. You can get it purely from eating less.
  • xjessicaxrx
    xjessicaxrx Posts: 144 Member
    Haha thanks people!
  • flrancho
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    I've done it before, the first time I dieted. This time around I make a point in exercising.

    Its certainly possible to loose without exercising, but I'm a smaller size now with exercise than I was at the same weight dieting without exercise.
  • xjessicaxrx
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    What type of exercise?
  • ziggy2006
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    I think for both the best chances of long term maintenance of your weight loss and optimal health, it is best to make activities that you enjoy a routine part of your lifestyle.

    You can definitely lose weight without exercising.
  • gember85
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    Walking that much a day is good and counts as exercise anyway x
  • Seffell
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    You know wrong that it is not advised :)
    There are many people who lose weight healthily without exercise and many who can't exercise even if they wanted and still lose in a healthy and sustainable way (I'm from the second group). Exercise is for health, muscle tone, shape etc. Weight loss is about eating less than you burn and by burn I don't mean only intentionally burn but metabolism etc.
  • aloranger7708
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    The first time I was on MFP, I lost 60lbs just counting calories. No exercise. It definitely works! Personally I feel more motivated when doing both.
  • fr33sia12
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    I think when exercise is mentioned most people automatically think this has to be gym exercise or some kind of sport or using equipment or some sort of yoga or aerobic class. Exercise is "an activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness". So can be walking to shop instead of driving. Housework, shopping, using the stairs etc.
  • ReaderGirl3
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    I am interested to know if anyone has done this successfully? I know its not advised and it is not something I am going to do, I am just wondering :)

    Yep, lost around 50lbs with no exercise at all. I'm now several years into maintenance and I still don't exercise regularly, besides some seasonal walking. I'm in excellent health with consistent great blood work markers.
  • EddieP50
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    The first six months of my diet I did no exercise just stayed within my daily calorie goal and lost 42 pounds during that time period. I just started exercise about three weeks ago.
  • Etsar73
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    I lost most of my weight with diet only :smile:
  • Cyndiaquino
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    I have lost 57 lbs with no exercise.