Progress so far (pics included)

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So the before i was around the 400lbs mark, was 420lbs when i first started my journey but haven't got any pics when i was that weight right now i'm 367lbs. Lost 53lbs all together so far in under 3months. Been pretty embarrassed to post any pictures but i'm actually proud of what i've achieved so far. If you'd like to follow my instagram where i document my journey feel free to follow . Thanks for viewing :smile:



  • Dana_E
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    Congratulations on your progress! 53 pounds lost is a great achievement!
  • ni132
    ni132 Posts: 20 Member
    thank you very much.
  • Sherriediva1
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    Way to go!! You can do this :)
  • Chris_2013
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    Keep up the good work! I am down from 346 to 307 in 75 days and enjoying the journey.
  • ni132
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    Chris_2013 wrote: »
    Keep up the good work! I am down from 346 to 307 in 75 days and enjoying the journey.

    congrats on your success and thank you!
  • DeviatedNorm
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    You've done amazing work in such a short period, great job! Keep it up!!
  • Shh_niqua
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    Way to go! Amazing job so far! I'm gonna follow you on IG!
  • Diem78
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    Good job-- I can totally tell!
  • ElvenToad
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    Wow great job! You look so much younger too!
  • Suzanne106
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    Damn, good job! Keep it up, you look great!
  • Wombat468
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    Fantastic - nice work!
  • leeshults
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  • aprilkorn
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    That is awesome progress in three months. Wow. Good job!! Your on a roll, keep it up
  • MudstainSally
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    Way to go man! I'll add you on instagram. I also have an account for this journey @mudstainJenn
  • BeaUtiful_1413
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    You are doing an amazing job! Your a big I aperitif. To me. Keep it up
  • gcanter
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    That's great, keep it up!
  • Lucy1752
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    Well done!
  • elisa123gal
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    You are on your way and you can really tell you're smaller. Good work!
  • Ryanlee78
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    great job!!!
  • bonniegoodeye
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    I can tell a great difference in your tummy and your neck! Way to go!