Olive oil/coconut oil replacement?



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    If I am baking something like chicken in the oven I will use a tiny bit of chicken stock in the bottom of the pan...but I also want to say not to be afraid of healthy fats in moderation! Your body needs fat to absorb nutrients, so like many are saying...watch your portion size and focus on fats that do the body good! Avocado oil is my favorite. I love using it to make a nice balsamic vinaigrette for salads/dipping, but it also stands up to high heat for grilling/sauteing. If I am sauteing I will start out with a small amount of oil, and then supplement with other liquid like water, stock, vinegar etc if the pan gets too dry.
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    Pan spray, then add veggies w water in them; tomatoes, onions etc. if it gets dry add water or vinegar or low sodium soy sauce
    How do you accurately report spray?

    You have to estimate. I think figure how long it takes you to get through a bottle and divide the calorie content of the whole by that. Or just add a small amount of calories, depending on how long you spray.
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    Like others mentioned, spray oils work well. If you need something for moisturizing dry food (i.e. fish) guacamole will do the trick as well as gelatin (without added ingredients) or stock solutions (Na+ content though). Another option is to cook an egg not to the point of coagulation in order to make a sauce (this takes some trial & error, rather use too much heat to kill off salmonella)

    I personally use gelatin with significantly less oil than I consumed in the past
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    I use a coconut oil cooking spray, just a tiny spritz works to keep food from sticking and it barely has calories at all
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    Pan spray, then add veggies w water in them; tomatoes, onions etc. if it gets dry add water or vinegar or low sodium soy sauce
    How do you accurately report spray?

    I use this. I tried Misto and didn't like it, the spraying stopped being consistent after a few uses, but this one works like a charm every single time. The way I measure it is by simply weighing. I place my pan on the scale, zero it, then spray. After a while I found out that a full pump consistently produces roughly 4 grams of oil, so I just add 4 grams every time I use it even if I don't use the full pump. Less hassle that way because I could just add it from recent foods quickly without having to change the value.
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    Try roasting some stuff. Lots of amazing vegetables like potato, sweet potato, carrots etc. do fine in the oven without oil!
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    With stirfries, I use 1 tbsp of oil. Or sometimes I sub with chicken/veggie stock. Stock does the best job for the least calories. I've used sprays. My Misto completely clogged up so I gave up on it and one day I'll get around to buying a bottle of spray oil. I looked in Costco last week but they only had stock of the canola oil spray.
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    Don't need oil if up using non stick or a proper seasoned cast iron or carbon steel wok.

    Your cast iron pans will not appreciate you never cooking in oil, mine are nonstick now and velvety after so many years but they stay that way because we use them with oil/fat. They will work in a pinch, ungreased, because we treat them well most of the time, but it's not sustainable. Steel sticks like crazy even at the high heat, unless you use some oil, but maybe just let it stick then deglaze with some stock. Nonstick, I don't use but seems like the best bet of them all if you really don't want to use oil.